Jornal de Leiria – IPSS de Leiria received a grant of 15.3 ME for the elderly and disabled

Twenty-four private social integration organizations in the Lyria district received a protocol signed with the government today for an investment of 15.3 million euros, in the third generation scope of the program for the expansion of the social appliance network (PARES 3.0). .

The Minister of Labor, Integration and Social Security, Anna Mendes Godinho, today delivered 24 acceptance agreements under PARES 3.0 to the district of Leiria, at a ceremony in the municipality of Leiria, where she said “Social investment is a tool and sheds light on it. The driving force behind our development.”

PARES, he added, “is funded by all social gaming funds”.

“We’ve come together and tried to allocate as much money as possible for priorities that are socially critical, and we’ve identified that, in times of crisis: home reclamation, investing in new home responses and expanding response capacity, and innovative solutions. ”, Said the Minister on the side of the signature.

For the district of Lyria, the 24 applications include a total investment of 25,886,351 euros, of which 15,325,655 euros is public support. Of the 48 social responses, 1,800 will be intervened.

During her speech, the Minister underlined the importance of the social sector during the epidemic, “expressing gratitude not only to the audience but to all those working in your organization”.

“They are extraordinary people who have shown the importance of the social sphere in the model we have in Portugal. We have a welfare state that lives in partnership and integrates resources between the state and the social sector to reach and respond to those who are most in need, ”added Anna Mendes Godinho.

According to the ministers, it is thanks to the social sector that the situation was not as seen in Italy or Spain. “We saw dramatic images of people leaving their homes. It doesn’t happen here because of you and your great ability to work together. We were allowed to continue to respond by knowing that this social force of people is close to us to serve others in response to various needs, ”he added.

Gonçalo Lopes, mayor of Leiria and the inter-municipal community of Leiria, called on the government to “pay special attention to the need to develop a balanced response network, tailored to the real needs of the country, considering areas with special needs.” Who face the problem of low population density.

“Not to mention the medium sized municipalities. In this case, I am referring to the people of Lyria district, who are outside the sphere of influence of the big metropolises and away from the decision-making center of the central government, often neglected in distribution. Resources available ”, Socialist Mayor Bhar.

Goncalo Lopez added that it would be important for “programs like PARES and especially P.R.R. [Programa de Recuperação e Resiliência]Can pay attention to the reference values ​​considered in the applications ”.

“When she got pregnant, she didn’t believe in the crisis as a result of the war we were experiencing. Today, everything is more expensive and there is a shortage of raw materials in many materials and projects made ideal. I have realized this about the institutions, ”the mayor warned.

Therefore, the mayor of Lyria appealed that “in addition to this support” it is possible to guarantee his funding and that this funding is now superior to what was ideal at the time of his candidacy “.


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