Ignorance of the metaverse reacts negatively to this issue

Ignorance of the metaverse reacts negatively to this issue

Strategic planning

The fashion sector has been the busiest on the network in terms of new technology since it appeared in the last edition of Fashion Week in March 2022.

Per Essay – 06/14/2022

Nowadays a lot is said about Metaverse on social media and media platforms. There is a tendency for every activity to be entertained by this technology, which should enhance the digital experience, reflecting the real world in a virtual environment. The topic has sparked controversy on the web over the past two years, with 2,300% more mentions when Facebook launched itself as a meta by October 2021. However, there are still many doubts as to what this combination of reality might indicate.

The numbers were reported by ComScore, which lists the salient features of the new virtual world in Latin America. The company’s report indicates that between March 2020 and March 2022, Mexico ranks Metavers (27%), Brazil (22%), Argentina (19%), and Colombia (11%) in the region. Chile (11%) and Peru (5%).

Analyzing more than 350 different topics related to Metaverse, Comscore also listed the topics that generated more than 92% of the publications on this topic on social networks in these two years: more than 39% are about Facebook / Meta, 17% are about. The use of virtual reality is associated with 15% of companies and businesses and 11% of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Regarding the tone of comments about technology, 39% are still negative.

“Thanks to augmented reality and virtual reality technology, Metavers is a place that makes it possible to improve the online experience, from shopping activities to meeting friends or even in the form of transactions with digital assets and NFT. That is why conversations on this subject revolve around the many variables that make their existence possible. However, due to customer skepticism and uncertainty, only 24% of comments on the network regarding Metaverso are positive, “said Ingrid Veronesi, ComScore’s Senior Director for Brazil.

Fashion leads

ComScore infographic also shows who are the busiest areas with technology in this area and fashion comes first. The class mentions are largely due to the fact that, in March 2022, the first edition of Metaverso took place at Fashion Week, in which events were organized with the help of the virtual reality platform Descentraland. During this period, 1,134 mentions about Metaverso were registered on the network, mainly linked to the brands participating in the event. Other areas involved with Metaverso on the digital platform were: automotive, beverages, media, arts and real estate.

Who is investing

Despite the recent network takeover, some companies are already betting on Metaverse as a business strategy. In 2014, Facebook acquired the virtual reality Google company Oculus. He then launched a number of initiatives aimed at creating a virtual world and renamed it META in 2021.

On Google, the company’s short-term focus seems to be linked to augmented reality, as the company has yet to find a satisfactory way out of this issue – especially platforms after the last major bug in the field, including cardboard glasses and daydream views. VR

Among the epic games, Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox are the most popular games in recent years that allow you to create virtual worlds. In 2021, the company announced that it would raise funds to develop Metaverse stories in its titles. Microsoft, for its part, has HoloLens 2 glasses as one of its key components. In addition, in 2021, the company launched Microsoft Mesh, a mixed reality software that allows virtual connections.

“Metavers will certainly dominate the new interactions between brands and consumers. Despite raising many questions about the social future and human relationships, this innovation involves expanding the connections between people represented by technology, their incarnations. Removed.

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