Ibovespa drops 0.3%, waiting for Fed and Copom;  The dollar rose 0.4%, quoted at R $ 5.13

Ibovespa drops 0.3%, waiting for Fed and Copom; The dollar rose 0.4%, quoted at R $ 5.13

O IbovespaThe main stock index of B3The Brazilian stock exchange was trading down on Tuesday (14).

Financial market agents analyze the avoidance of large global risks in the face of rising global inflation, which could force central banks to act more vigorously – leading to a slowdown in the economy. Awaiting Fed and COPOM decisions

Therefore, the fiscal voice is on the radar about the performance of the New York Stock Exchange and the policies that affect fuel prices in Brazil.


Investors are also watching the 111-day war between Russia and Ukraine.

At 1:05 p.m., the loss was 0.34%, at 102,246 points.

There were dollars Praise In 0.40%Quoted here BRL 5,135.

Here are the factors that affect the market today:

International markets

Asia (closed)
Nikkei 225 (Japan): 1.32%
Shanghai Composite (s): 1.02%

DAX 30 (Ale): 0.91%
FTSE 100 (English): 25 0.25%
CAC 40 (Fra): 1.20%

United States

Dow Jones: 0.64%

S&P 500: 0.32%

Nasdaq 100: 0.17%

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Looking forward to Super Wednesday

This week’s main event will be Super Wednesday, the 15th, when the Monetary Policy Committee (COPOM) decides on interest rates in Brazil, in addition to a meeting of the Federal Reserve to discuss US monetary policy.


On Monday, the 13th, the Senate approved the passage of Supplementary Bill (PLP) 18, which limits ICMS to 17% on fuel, electricity, communications and public transport until December.

However, the final text makes some changes, which will lead to a re-analysis of the case by the Chamber of Deputies.

The measure would require at least R $ 20.3 billion in public coffers – R $ 17 billion in gasoline rebates and R $ 3.3 billion in ethanol.

Considering that diesel and LPG have also been taxed for some time, the government pays R $ 35.2 billion with this benefit package, the main objective of which is to reduce fuel prices for the popularity of President Jair Bolsonaro. PL) in an attempt to get re-elected.

The influence of PLP in the states is still controversial.

The Senate estimates the loss will be R $ 26.75 billion, but the governors argue that the ICMS cap will actually cost R $ 41.3 billion.

To reduce pressure on the states, the Senate included a trigger in the proposal that the central government should compensate local governments if the loss of revenue related to each affected goods or services exceeds 5%, taking into account the difference in inflation.


The Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) estimates that approximately 10% of the volume of shares traded on a stock exchange could be executed in a specific segment for large lots, a format provided in the new regulations for this sector.

Trade balance

Brazil’s trade balance posted a surplus of US $ 4.944 billion in May, the finance ministry said on Monday.


BC – The central bank’s server has continued the strike indefinitely from April 1.

In one assembly, the workers decided to go on strike and counter-proposed a 13.5% pay transfer.

National Treasury – The strike of National Treasury employees, which started on May 23, has been going on indefinitely.

Financial director

Services – Services grew 0.2% compared to March, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).


Aura Minerals (AURA33) – Aura Minerals (AURA33) announces adjustment in its dividend policy.

The new delivery frequency must be semi-annual, approximately 20% of the adjusted EBITDA for the semester, based on low maintenance and operating capital costs for the same period.

In addition, the board of directors of Aura Minerals has approved a dividend of US $ 0.14 per share for the first half of 2022.

Carrefour (CRFB3) – Carrefour’s board of directors approves paying interest on equity (JCP) for 2022.

In total, R $ 264 million will be paid, which is equivalent to R $ 0.12553215 per share outstanding.

Payment must be made on June 29, depending on the shareholding status on June 17.

Corporate reports

BLAU3 – The board of directors of Blau Farmacêutica (BLAU3) has approved the creation of a share buyback program for the company, according to physical data released on Monday, the 14th.

Up to 4,484,848 shares will be repurchased, kept in the treasury and eventually canceled. This amount represents 2.5% of the company’s total outstanding debt.

CVC (CVCB3) – CVC (CVCB3) informed this Tuesday morning (14) that its Board of Directors has, initially, approved to hold a public offer for the initial distribution of 46,500,000 ordinary, nominated, book-entry shares, with no equal value, self-issued, all Free and free from any load or loads.

The closing price of the shares issued by the company on B3 (B3SA3) on June 13, 2022 was R $ 8.21 per share issued by the company, indicating the price per share only – it can vary upwards or downwards. , Depending on the completeness of Book binding.

If the price per share is equal to the closing price mentioned above, the total amount of the restricted offer would be BRL 381,765,000.00, excluding the additional shares, and BRL 477,206,250.00, considering the placement of all the additional shares.

Login (LOGN3) – In the physical facts released this Monday, the 13th, Log-in (LOGN3) stated that a final and non-appeal certificate has been issued for the acquisition of SAS Shipping Agency Services Sàr, a subsidiary of MSC.

This means that Ked’s approval is already valid, except for deals that have been reported to the market since September last year.

Petrobras (PETR4) Petrobras (SA: PETR4) stated that the process of disinvestment of deep-water polo golfinho marine concessions in the Espirito Santo Basin is still in a binding phase, according to a market statement released on Monday, the 14th. .

ROOT (ROOT4) – On Monday (13), Raízen (RAIZ4) inaugurated the first fast charging station for electric vehicles. The station was implemented north of Sao Paulo and the company intends to build a network with 35 filling stations.

“Given the challenges of global decarbonization, innovation strengthens the company’s extensive portfolio of renewable solutions,” the company says.

Shell recharge charging stations can supply electric vehicles with renewable energy from 50kW and 150kW chargers for up to 35 minutes.

Being Educational (SEER3) Fitch has raised the national long-term rating of Ser Educacional (SEER3), the company said in a statement on Monday.

With a stable outlook, the company’s rating went from AA- (bra) to AA (bra).

Suzano (SUZB3) – Suzano (SUZB3) announces the creation of Suzano Ventures, the company’s corporate venture capital, to its shareholders and the market in general.

According to the company, US $ 70 million will be available for investment in startups.

VITT3 – VITT3’s board of directors (VITT3) has approved the creation of a share buyback program for the company, according to physical data released on Monday, the 13th.

2 million shares will be acquired, which must be canceled or kept in the treasury to generate more value for the shareholders. This amount is equivalent to 1.3981% of the total shares issued by the company and 3.9365% of the total shares remaining in the market.

United States

Inflation in the United States, measured by the Producer Price Index (PPI), has risen to a high of 10.8% in the last 12 months ending May, according to data released this Thursday, the 14th.

The result was slightly lower than the market expectation of 10.9% and revised to 10.9% from last month.

Monkey Pox

The Ministry of Health on Sunday night (12) confirmed the third case of monkeypox in Brazil.

He is a 51-year-old man alone in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, after a trip to Portugal.

Covid-19: Brazil

Brazil registered 40,173 new cases Of Covid-19 and 70 new deaths According to the epidemiological situation bulletin issued by the Ministry of Health last Monday (13), outbreaks of the disease within 24 hours.

With the confirmation of the new diagnosis of Covid-19, the total number of infected people since the onset of the epidemic has reached 31,497,038.

With the new deaths, the number of people who have lost their lives to this disease has reached 668,180.

The survey found no deaths in Mato Grosso do Sul.

441,542,921 doses of vaccine were administered against Covid-19:

  • – 177.3 million with first dose.
  • – 159.8 million with second dose.
  • – A single dose of Janssen vaccine was given to 4.9 million people.
  • – Another 89.3 million have already received booster doses.
  • – The second booster dose was given to 6.2 million people.
  • – 4 million, extra dose.

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