‘I don’t know what’s so scary’

When Glenn Schofield left Call for action Developer sledgehammer games in 2018, he needed a break. Game designer, known as the creator of the seminal sci-fi horror series Dead space, Decided to head to the Arizona desert for a bit of R&R – which meant a lot of new game concepts were coming up for him. “I’ll go there and take a picture,” he says. “And while I was drawing, I had ideas.” He returned with a 40-page book that would eventually return to his Survival Horror genre: A Game Callisto protocol.

This game – which is developing a new team under the umbrella of Striking Distance Studios. PUBG Krafton Company – was first announced in 2020 and last week, a terrific new trailer was unveiled at Summer Game Fest. (It’s affectionately known as “Schofield’s cut.”) Schofield says he’s been trying to recover from the horror for some time, and developed a strong urge to work in zombie mode for some time. Call for action.

“I just wanted to tell a different story,” he says. “I think of Ridley Scott; He did Abroad And then came back to do Prometheus. This is something you love to do. I don’t see many sci-fi horror movies because they are too expensive to make. And maybe this is my favorite type. So I thought, ‘Let’s see if he can be brought back.’

Callisto protocol In 2320 Jupiter takes place in a prison colony on a moon, where players have to escape, just as other prisoners are transformed into strange alien monsters. (The setting was originally a remote part of PUBG World Although not anymore. “The story was moving in a different direction,” Scofield says of the change. Quick comparison with the bar Dead space. And that’s what Schofield acknowledged throughout the game’s creation.

“It simply came to our notice then Dead space, ” He explains. “But after a while, I think: I don’t want HUD, so I’m copying Dead space? I think he should step in – it’s copying Dead space? Could be. But it is also my DNA. I just didn’t want to cut everything. So, as we move towards development, I get a little more open about this idea. ”

The big difference this time around, he says, is the technology, though it hasn’t changed. All. “We’re already 3D, so gameplay doesn’t change suddenly,” says Schofield. Instead, the current state of consoles and PCs means that your team can build a more reliable world – which is especially important for horror. This includes having a more reliable alien monster, more immersive sound design and being able to put a lot more visual effects on the screen. But most importantly, they can give more details to the world.

“Realism helps science fiction, which people don’t usually believe in,” says Schofield. “But nowadays, you can get rusty or water dripping from objects and the player is like, ‘I don’t know what this thing is, but man, does it look real?’ This is grounding science fiction. “

Callisto protocol.
Image: Striking Distance Studio

One of the challenges is to make sure the game is scary. As an obvious horror fan, Schofield is much tougher than the average person. (The same is true for many other members Callisto protocol Tim.) “There are times when we don’t know if it’s terrible or not,” he says. From the white box prototype to the fully developed interactive gameplay, it doesn’t help that Schofield looks at the game’s scenario through various stages. They can punch some of them. To get to the scary right level, there is a lot of testing and tweaking based on player feedback.

Inspiration comes from many places, including cinema. “I see a lot of horror,” says Schofield. “It simply came to our notice then. But, there are some who really got me and I was like, ‘Wow, man.’ If they affect me, you know they affect the players. (At one point in our conversation, Schofield mentioned having lunch with horror director Eli Roth, where the two first discussed the sound effects of scissors cutting the optic nerve of the eyeball. In the hostel But beyond filming, Schofield reports, “much of it comes from the imagination of our creative director, Chris Stone. Sometimes I tell him, ‘I want two more [deaths]’, Or I’ll say,’ I want to get my head out. ‘

However, one thing they do not check is whether death or fear goes too far in the other direction. “The more horrible the better,” he explains. “I don’t know what’s so scary.”

Callisto protocol It is set to release on December 2 and comes at a time when sci-fi horror games seem to be on the rise. Is there Fort SolisOf returns RoutineA new one Alien Extension, and even the original remaster Dead space. Schofield understands that there will be a lot of comparisons, but he is sure that his latest horror venture will stand on its own. “You can come in, ‘hey, that’s it Dead space 4“He says, ‘But I think when you’re gone you’ll say,’ No, that. ‘ Callisto protocol. ‘”

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