“I am … with you!”: Angel Gomez remembers Mourinho’s “difficult” days.  United – Lille

“I am … with you!”: Angel Gomez remembers Mourinho’s “difficult” days. United – Lille

Angel Gomez coincided with the period that guided Manchester United between 2016 and 2018, and he does not forget the coach who allowed him to make his debut for the Red Devils’ first team, the club in which he received all his training.

In an interview with SPORTbible, current Frenchman Lille recalled a team meal at the FA Cup counting game after his debut for the first team, in which he heard “tough” from “Special One”. In front of the whole squad.


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“I’ve never been asked about Mourinho before, so I didn’t get a chance to talk about him. Now that I’m older and more mature, I realize how important he was to me and my career. [pelo Manchester United] And I never thanked him for that “, he said, adding that he had represented Bovista in Portugal on loan in 2020/21.

“I’ve never said that before, but there was a time when Mourinho called me for a cup game with the first team after I played for the Under-21 team. We were at the dinner table and he was talking to all the players. Suddenly, he came to my side and said: ‘ I’ve had sex with you! ‘. At that time, everyone was laughing, so I thought he was making fun of me. I asked him why and he talked about my performance the day before. I do not think so, but he is the boss, so if he says I have played badly, then I have played badly. “

He went on to say: “He said to me: ‘You were doing this and that, but you had to do this and that.’ And it all happened in front of the whole team. Never from the coach. I was still very young so I started thinking, ‘Does he hate me?’ I went to my room and called my father. I almost cried while talking to him. “

Five years after parting ways with Mourinho, Angel Gomez assumes that he now sees with different eyes the ‘scratch’ he heard from ‘Special One’. “I finally realized what kind of man he really was. Mourinho always wanted to be the best and I think he was trying to tell me that this is not an easy way to go. It takes discipline to be the first team. Players”, assuming the former Bovista. He again expressed his desire to be guided by Mourinho. “I would love to be re-trained by him because he can bring the best in the players. He is a very enthusiastic person for the game and he is very caring. I remember Marcus. [Rashford] And Jesse [Lingard] Tell me that sometimes they were alone at home, resting and he would suddenly call them via facetime to say ‘hello’ or ask how they are. And for me, it was really fun. These little things show who he really is. “


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