Hyperbaric medication. What it is, what benefits and precautions to take

PHere, little or nothing is heard about this remedy. It doesn’t work miracles, however the fact is that there’s extra and extra scientific proof of its benefits. Cristiano Ronaldo makes use of the sort of remedy to heal from accidents. But probably the most mediating case occurred in 2019, when Angelo Rodriguez was hospitalized after an an infection attributable to a testosterone injection, which the actor himself gave for aesthetic causes. At the chance of amputation, the hyperbaric drug saved his left leg.

Maria Gameiro, director of the Cascais Hyperbaric Center, explains in an interview Lifestyle in the meanwhile, That hyperbaric oxygen remedy is a type of “non-invasive medical remedy by which the affected person is given 100% pure oxygen inhalation”. The affected person is positioned in a pressurized chamber to recreate the room as if he have been diving. Remove? Increase within the oxygen carried by the blood, which hurries up the therapeutic course of.

What is hyperbaric medication?

Hyperbaric Medicine is a medical subject devoted to the examine, coordination, and prescription of the therapeutic use of oxygen in a hyperbaric atmosphere, that’s, the high-pressure atmosphere we expertise on daily basis.

There may be very little data in Portuguese and what is there’s all the time very technical!

What does it include?

Hyperbaric oxygen remedy remedy is a kind of non-invasive medical remedy by which the affected person breathes in 100% pure oxygen (we usually breathe at 21%) and strain above atmospheric strain.

Maria Luis Gameiro

And what precisely is that?

There are a wide range of functions for the sort of remedy. Oxygen inhaled at excessive strain is diluted within the blood plasma, reaching components of the physique which might be inaccessible. These excessive ranges of oxygen have anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, detoxifying results, contribute to the formation of recent blood vessels and speed up the formation of collagen, for instance, speed up the therapeutic course of.

This approach remains to be not well-known in Portugal. The motive?

I do not know precisely why, maybe as a result of earlier than us, there was no hyperbaric medication middle with single-seat chambers and specializing in the communication and dissemination of remedy. These therapies have been initially carried out in a army hospital atmosphere for divers, and later, the National Health Service (SNS) started utilizing army companies for different pathologies. In 2016, within the United States, when, underneath private circumstances, docs included these therapies in surgical protocols, I spotted and realized their benefits, however I had by no means heard of them, so I checked and was amazed. That it was not identified in Portugal or was not out there exterior SNS. This was the motto of the creation of this middle and the unfold of what these therapies provide. There may be very little data in Portuguese and what is there’s all the time very technical!

Currently, therapies are prescribed for what issues?

There are a wide range of functions for the sort of remedy, corresponding to sudden deafness, therapeutic and preparation for a wide range of surgical procedures (earlier than and after surgical procedure), diabetic foot wounds, wounds attributable to radiotherapy, sports activities medication, ache and trauma. . Science may be very superior within the subject of neurology and latest research have provide you with very promising outcomes, noting that adults with dementia present enchancment with this remedy. It can deal with people who find themselves sick and for whom it is important – and usually pressing – in addition to wholesome individuals who need to enhance well-being and stop future dementia or enhance sports activities efficiency, for instance.

This is a really protected medical process, though it is just not free from medical contraindications.

What benefits does it provide?

Oxygen is life and the benefits are limitless! It is a non-invasive remedy and, whereas working in an anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, anti-endemois and detoxifying method, has a optimistic normal motion all through the physique, i.e. it acts on the trigger. Treatment, but additionally on our normal situation. We have people who find themselves contaminated and they sleep higher and really feel extra energized. This is a really full remedy.

Are there any risks?

It is a really protected medical process, though it is just not free from medical paradoxes, so medical management by a specialist in hyperbaric medication is required to cut back these dangers. Patients ought to be certain that their remedy is all the time accompanied by a nurse and that the hyperbaric medication prescribed by the Portuguese Medical Association must be prescribed by a reliable doctor.

What precautions must be taken?

Treatments in hyperbaric environments are carried out in 100% pure state and with medical oxygen at excessive strain, so you need to considerably improve security measures. You can’t enter with a cellular phone or some other digital system or steel. In addition, entry to the chamber have to be made with solely 100% cotton fabric, out there on the hyperbaric middle on the time of remedy. The room by which the cameras are situated should have security options by way of air amplitude, isolation and oxygen management.

What myths do you want to unravel?

Perhaps the notion is new. In reality, it is just not! This is a remedy that has been used for a few years, thankfully new functions have benefited us from science.

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