How to Use Zoe Dating App

Zoe dating app is commonly referred to as the ‘Lesbian, Bisexual, and LGBTQ app’ but at its core. It aims to offer a gateway to relationships between lesbian and bisexual women. The app is free but the premium offers a range of additional features to help you find dates.

The app provides a social space for queer ladies from lesbian to bisexual to question gender identities to connect, share, and find love.

Zoe is a dating app site that matches singles in your area and around the world virtually. It brings a dating feature, which typically requires you to go online and interact with strangers in internet spaces and possibly hang out offline.

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How to Use Zoe Dating App

To use Zoe, you must create a profile, noting your current location, gender, age, distance, and other preferences. Then you begin swiping. After you see someone’s photo and a small biography, you can either swipe left if you dislike them or right if you like them. If another person swipes right, both of you are matched, and you can begin chatting with one another.

Zoe’s app functions pretty simply: you swipe to indicate who you are most interested in. Anyone can sign up for free, but the app does offer some subscription-based premium features.

The more people liked and swiped right on a person’s profile, the higher they were ranked. That profile would then be displayed alongside those with a similar rank.

Zoe prioritizes users who are most active and matches them with others who are active at the same time. It doesn’t collect race or income data but considers those details you inputted when you signed up – how far someone is from you, their gender, and age.

How Do You Join Zoe Dating

To join your Zoe, you will need to download the mobile application for iOS or Android. You can’t access the site from a web browser. You will need to link a mobile phone number, Facebook account, or Gmail account.

During registration, you’ll be prompted to input information on your gender, date of birth, interests, and other preferences. Also, be prepared to give Zoe access to your location while using the app, and uploading photos.

After, you’ll begin a tutorial on how to use the app, which will show you the application’s functionality and basic features. Once on the app homepage, you can see that there are buttons that affect how you interact with a potential match below every profile. Here’s what they are and how they work:

Likes You:  Allows you to skip swiping and see women who liked you immediately and match with them right away.

My Swipes: It Lets you search and edit your previous decision (like, dislike) about someone.

Love Key Message: Used to send out up to 5 direct messages a day so that your favorite picks will see your like and message before they swipe left or right on you!

Private Mode: Allows you to be only visible to the users you liked beforehand.

Rewind: The rewind button allows you anytime to change your decision.

After-match Photos: You can upload photos that will be only visible to your matches.

Location Change:  This is used to modify your location to discover cuties from different cities.

Stickers:  Used to customize and express your mode in the chats.

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