How to Return Footlocker Online Order

How to Return Footlocker Online Order

Footlocker allows you to place an order for a purchase of items on its website. Meanwhile, making a purchase with the remorse that follows after making a wrong or accidental purchase is not new to online shopping sites. If you’re regretting an order or purchase you recently made on Footlocker you can usually cancel and return it and get your money back. However, there are some policies for Footlocker returns and orders cancellation.

This article teaches you about Footlocker order returns online, and how to cancel your orders. We cover situations where you buy an item by mistake and immediately want to cancel, as well as situations where the item has already been shipped or received and your legal right to return the item.

There are lots of reasons why people love using Footlocker, one of these reasons is the Footlocker returns and refund policy. What does this mean? It means that Footlocker has a policy that allows you to cancel or return products you bought and get your refund if they do not meet up with your intended goals.

Footlocker Order Return Policy

You can return an item you’ve ordered as long as your return meets certain requirements. Footlocker lets you process returns from the “Your Orders” section of the website or mobile app, or from the Online Returns Center, and in most cases, you need to process your return within 45 days.

Footlocker makes it easy to order any kind of item with just a couple of clicks. But, if you’ve ever ordered or received Footlocker item that didn’t work out, you can just as easily return or cancel it if the item has not been confirmed.

Just as mentioned above, you can return products you’ve ordered online on Footlocker from the “Your Orders” page on the website or mobile app. To return an item you sent to another person, you’ve received from Footlocker, you’ll need to go to the Online Returns Center and enter the order number from your gift receipt.

Remember that if you return/cancel too many products too often, Footlocker may ban you from shopping with them. It’s rare, but it happens, and the usual cause of Footlocker ban is serial purchase returns.

How to Return a Footlocker Order Online

If your purchased item is qualified for a return, you’ll begin the return process by logging into your account on the Footlocker website or opening the Shopping mobile app, you can navigate directly to the Returns Center, or start from the homepage.

1. On the Footlocker website homepage, click “Returns & Orders” in the top-right corner. On the Footlocker Shopping mobile app, click the three horizontal lines.

2. You’ll be taken to a page that displays all your past orders. On a computer, click the “Return or replace products” button to the right of the order. On the mobile app, tap the arrow button, then tap “Return or replace products.”

3. On the next screen, check the box next to the item(s) you want to return. Choose a response in the drop-down under “Why are you returning this?” Depending on which return reason you choose, you may be required to enter additional information in a text box that appears.

Remember: If you choose an option that puts the error for your return on Footlocker, like “Wrong item was sent,” your return will be free of charge. If the error was yours, you’ll pay for return shipping.

4. Tap the “Continue” button. On the next screen, you may be given the option to exchange your item for another, or the option to have the cash refunded directly to you.

5. Make your choice, then click the “Continue” button. You may be prompted to print a return label. You’ll also need to choose whether you want to drop your re-packaged return at a pickup location.

Once the item is in the condition you bought it, Footlocker accepts your return and refunds you the purchase price of the item.

However, Footlocker lets you process and return items you purchase from them and get a refund, but you need to follow the procedures, and make sure the item (s) is in the condition you received it else your returns will be rejected without a refund.

Footlocker Order Cancellation

Footlocker cancellation policy allows its customers to cancel orders as long as it hasn’t entered the shipping/delivery process. If successfully canceled, Footlocker issues a full refund for the original purchase price within 3-30 days, depending on your payment method. The order cancellation is free, so, there are no charges to cancel your orders.

To be able to cancel an order on Footlocker ensures you know the policy and that your account is active because you will have to log in to your Footlocker account to cancel the order. There is also a limited time frame within which you can cancel your order. For instance, you cannot cancel an order once it is marked “Ready to ship”. Your order amount will be refunded after the cancellation request is successfully processed and the amount will be transferred to your Bank Account.

How to Cancel Order on Footlocker Before it is Shipped

  1. Go to the Footlocker website where you place the order, you are now redirected to the homepage
  2. Log in to your Footlocker account.
  3. Click on My Account and select My Orders from the menu.
  4. Tap on the View Order button, this will show the details of the order
  5. Click on the Cancel Order button.

From here, your request to cancel your order will be sent to Footlocker and a message that your cancellation request has been received will be delivered to your email.

Cancel Footlocker Order After Shipping

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel Footlocker orders that have already entered the shipping process. However, Footlocker does offer the chance to return or replace the item. If the product ships, you can refuse or return your packing using the Online Returns Center.

It’s difficult to say what exactly determines whether Footlocker will accept the request, although it depends mostly on just how close an item is to being shipped.

Therefore, try to cancel your order as soon as possible. Your best bet for full cancellation and refund is to catch it before it ships.

How to Check Footlocker Order Status

You can view your order details on the app and website, through the Your Orders section in the menu.

To view your order details:

  1. Tap Your Orders in the app menu.
  2. Click on the open or completed order that you need the details for.
  3. Tap on Order Details to get all the necessary details.

How to Get a Refund From Footlocker

Footlocker refund is the money you receive after your cancellation order has been successfully processed. However, before you make a request for your refund ensure the product is unused and in original condition. Also, you have to include the invoice, price tags, and original packaging when returning the product.

When You Can Make Footlocker Refund Request

Footlocker order cancellation is not what you would request without having a good reason. Here are when you can cancel your order:

  1. When the product gets damaged during transit.
  2. The wrong product is delivered to you.
  3. Replacement products cannot be provided on request.
  4. Cancellation occurs before the product is marked Ready to ship.
  5. The product quantity delivered differs from the quantity you ordered.

Outside these, your request to cancel your order may be rejected. This takes us to when you cannot cancel Footlocker order after payment.

When You Cannot Make Footlocker Refund Request

You cannot ask for a refund if:

  1. The time frame allowable by Footlocker for the request has ended
  2. The product is damaged due to your misuse
  3. If any of the product parts go missing after delivery
  4. There is no photographic evidence of the damage or wrong delivery
  5. Defects/damage in the product is covered under the warranty of the manufacturer.

General Right to Cancel an Order:

In most countries like the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, customers have up to 14 days from the day of placing such an order to cancel it. And under the Consumer Rights Act, the default period for delivery is 30 days. If Footlocker doesn’t deliver the product within the time frame agreed or by this 30-day period, you have the right to cancel your order and receive a full refund.

Apart from this, you will usually be given an estimated delivery date or time period when you order something from Footlocker. You have to check your order details to see what this is and when you can return the order.

Meanwhile, Footlocker says it will take 24 hours to process your cancellation request and initiate a refund and that they will inform you of the status through your email, you also have a limited number of days to return your Footlocker order, either online or offline.

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