How to Fix Phone Can’t Download Photos and Videos from WhatsApp into the Gallery

How to Fix Phone Can't Download Photos and Videos from WhatsApp into the Gallery

How to Fix Phone Can’t Download Photos and Videos from WhatsApp into the Gallery

Are you having trouble downloading media (photos and videos) that you receive through WhatsApp on Android or iOS? Have you been trying to save some memes or funny videos that your friends sent you on WhatsApp but to no avail? Thankfully, this should be an easy fix.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to troubleshoot your problem with WhatsApp media not downloading. And hopefully, by the end of the article, you’ll be able to download media from WhatsApp without any trouble.

As one of the world’s leading social media apps, WhatsApp has many fantastic features. One example is seamlessly sharing pictures and videos online. Yet, if a friend sends you a photo, and you can’t download it, there’s already a problem.

That’s your cue to check out easy ways to fix phone can’t download photos and videos from WhatsApp into the gallery.

My Phone Can’t Download Photos and Videos on WhatsApp. What Can I Do?

WhatsApp from Meta has lots of fun and innovative uses. Both the Messenger and Business versions have impressive features that benefit users. However, some people report a common problem when using WhatsApp.

When you receive pictures from another user, you can view them in your Gallery app. However, not everyone can download media on their phones due to some factors.

Suppose you’re experiencing the same issue; no need to worry. Below are some easy ways to fix phone can’t download photos and videos from WhatsApp into the gallery.

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Step 1. Verify that You’re Connected to the Internet

What causes a phone not to download pictures? Firstly, your phone needs an internet connection before doing anything on WhatsApp.

The connection must be strong and uninterrupted, whether using mobile data or connecting to a WiFi router. One critical test is to try loading a page on your web browser. If you’re having issues, you need to troubleshoot your network connection.

Try toggling it off and back on if you’re using mobile data. Further, check with your cellular provider that you still have an active internet plan and there are no network server issues. With a WiFi connection, switch your router off and put it back on. Also, confirm the router is still connected to the internet.

Step 2. Correct the Device’s Date and Time

Setting the correct date and time on your device is for more than just your benefit. Your WhatsApp Messenger also needs it.

When this information is incorrect, you lose access to app servers. Consequently, there’s no way to download pictures or videos that a person sends to you.

To fix this in your phone’s settings, navigate to Settings > System > Date and Time.

We recommend picking either the Automatic or Network Provided options. As a result, the date and time will update automatically.

There’s the option to set it manually. Just be sure to keep an eye on your settings continually.

Step 3. Ask Your Contact to Resend

Sometimes, it’s not that you set the device to the wrong date and time. The picture or video may no longer be available on the WhatsApp servers.

How is this possible?

One, either the other has deleted the file or cleared your previous conversations. Additionally, you didn’t download the file within 30 days. After this period, WhatsApp removes it from its servers and the file becomes missing from your chat history.

Request that the other person sends the photo or video so you can re-download it.

Step 4. Grant the Required App Permissions on Android

Like other Android applications, WhatsApp needs access to some of your device’s features to operate.

These include Camera, Microphone, Storage, etc.

You need to grant the application access to your device storage to download media. Then, your shared media will show up in the phone gallery.

Navigate to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Permissions. Click on Storage and select the Allow option.

How to Grant WhatsApp Storage Permissions on Android

To grant WhatsApp access to access your storage, follow these steps. However, keep in mind that the procedure will vary depending on your device.

Go to Settings > Apps > Manage apps > WhatsApp > App permissions > Storage and click Allow.

How to Grant WhatsApp Permissions to Access Photos on iOS

Launch the Settings app and select Privacy. Next, select Photos, choose WhatsApp from the list of applications, and make sure All Photos is selected.

Step 5. Check if Your Phone has Adequate Unused Storage Space

WhatsApp images and videos can store on your phone’s internal and external storage.

Let’s say you allow access to your photos and videos and phone storage. If the available space is insufficient, there’s no way you can download pictures or video content from the app.

The next step is to free up storage for the media you want to download.

You can view the available space on your phone using a File Manager app or via its Settings. If the space is running low, delete unwanted or old files to make room on the device.

Step 6. Update WhatsApp to the Latest Version

This step is crucial if you’re still asking, “How do I get my WhatsApp pictures to show in my gallery?”. Why? It’s common for newer app versions to typically include bug fixes to deal with software errors.

So, check that your version of WhatsApp is up to date. If not, locate the Google Play Store on your device.

Click on your profile and navigate to Manage apps & device > Updates available > See details. Find WhatsApp on the app list and click Update.

Alternatively, input WhatsApp in the search bar. When the result loads, click the Update icon.

Step 7. Restart Your Device

One of the easy ways to fix a phone can’t download photos and videos from WhatsApp into the gallery is to restart your smartphone.

This simple step can reset your phone’s system to help it deal with minor software glitches.

You can shut it down, wait a few seconds, and then put it on. Alternatively, you can force a restart. Then, when it’s back on, try downloading on WhatsApp again.

Step 8. Force Close and Restart or Reinstall the Application

One last resort when unable to download photos and videos is to force the app to shut down when it’s freezing or malfunctioning. Then, you can restart the application to retry your download.

After locating WhatsApp under Settings > Apps on your device, tap Force Stop (beside Uninstall), and when prompted, click OK.

On the other hand, you can simply remove WhatsApp from your phone by clicking Uninstall.

Note, though, that this option will delete all the app data. So you’ll lose your conversation history and files that have yet to be backed up.

So, before you uninstall, remember to back up your messages to preserve your chats and relevant documents.

How to Force Close WhatsApp on Android

Access your phone’s Settings and click on Apps > Manage apps. Next, select WhatsApp from the list of installed applications. Finally, tap the Force Stop icon and select OK on the confirmation prompt. This procedure might be slightly different on your Android smartphone.


Being able to send and receive pictures and videos online makes WhatsApp popular among today’s users.

And you may desire to view them later or send them to someone else. But, if you can’t save them to your gallery, it can be frustrating.

That’s why we’ve discussed easy ways to fix phone can’t download photos and videos from WhatsApp into the gallery. So now, you have no limits to sharing your fun on social media.

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