How can metavers be useful for health?

How can metavers be useful for health?

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Metavers can be an opportunity for healthcare companies

Metavers were on the rise in late 2021. Facebook’s decision to change the name to Meta was the main driver of attention. Skeptics suspect a lot of hype. But as this article shows, Metavers will bring tangible benefits to individuals and businesses, opening up new avenues for health, happiness and financial opportunity.

Create a path for metavers

Earlier this year, Facebook put up another marker that Metavers is on the horizon and it will be too big. They bought a Super Bowl ad, which teased us with Vineet that Metavers would make everything new.

Other signs abound that Metavers and its creators, start-up investors, are full of conviction and enthusiasm for this “next big thing.” If you want to trust the media accounts, consider these signs, which indicate that a large amount of Metavers are being seized.

Microsoft announced plans to launch a powerful Activision earlier this year. This acquisition is worth considering Microsoft’s position in the gaming industry with Xbox and other offers. The company explained that Activision would offer “building blocks for metavers.”

The connection between games and metavers is strong. Games provide an important portal or pool for customers moving into the world of collective online activities. While gamers play, they can try other virtual allies and buy digital goods and services. So with its PlayStation platform, Sony announced its intention to buy Bungie, which created the hit game Hello and Destiny in a deal worth R $ 18 billion (US $ 3.6 billion).

There is no denying that Apple is laying the groundwork for its role in developing metavers with a number of products, including the Next-Gen AR / VR headset.

Metaverse: A functional interpretation

Matthew Ball is one of the leading executives and influencers on the subject of Metavers. Here’s how he defines Metavers: “Metavers is a large-scale, interoperable network of real-time rendered 3D virtual worlds that can be effectively and synchronously experienced by unlimited users with a sense of personal presence and continuity. Data, such as identity, history, rights, goods, communications and payments. “

This definition is complicated. Let us name some of the critical features of Metavers.

First, we must not strictly identify metavers with virtual reality, games, or any single technology or digital offer. Second, Metavers will not replace the Internet, but will instead create the Internet and, in the process, transform it – as mobile computing has changed the Internet and the way we use it. Third, it will take time to create metavers, a decade or more. But in the process, it will affect most companies and industries. “The combined value of these changes will be in the trillions,” says Ball. Eventually, as Metavers develops, it will simultaneously change our culture, our way of life, and our perceptions of the larger world in which we live.

Get real

When the rhetoric gets a little hot – a cover story connects metavers to “The Future of Reality” – it’s helpful to reduce the hype and find out when and where the first apps can be expected to appear.

Here is a temporary list of four practical ways to join Health Metavers.

Health gamification

The role of the game in Metavers will remain the same. Collective push, prizes and competition, compliance, motivation and behavior change, will begin to crack down on all the keys to achieving better health for the population.

Mental health

Mental health apps are already growing on the internet. To make Metavers a kind, gentle place with great personal presence and reliable social contact data and intelligence – with therapeutic results.


Longevity, chronic illness, and the need to limit hospitalization and other institutional measures are a great boon for physical therapy and rehabilitation medicine. If physical therapists remove barriers related to cost and access to metavers, they will increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Weight loss

Obesity is a widespread public health threat for a variety of reasons. But inactivity and other lifestyle habits are prominent among them. So weight loss often requires a better New Year’s resolution than diet. An integrated approach to metavers, combined with a mix of personal data, social reinforcement, positive psychology, and physical exertion routines, can be a solution to follow the doctor’s orders and help patients see results.

Can we live physically in a virtual world?

Everywhere we look, people are staring at their mobile devices. Television’s “old” technology also commands a powerful lock at the time of our awakening. The average person in the US watches five hours of television, and older people watch even more.

The next set of technology delivering metavers will invite us to step out of the transparent screen and enter a world where we are no longer passive observers but active participants – a completely healthy change.

Which way of metavers?

Metavers attack is gaining momentum. So what should healthcare leaders and other professionals do to prepare? How to distinguish between hype and substance?

The good news is: we’re already on the verge of adopting Metavers. Healthcare is rapidly merging with other sectors, such as financial services, to seek digitalization. In addition, we are seeing the antecedents of metavers where technology is increasing personal presence and enhancing collaboration: telemedicine, robotic surgery and remote monitoring.

Watchword means continuity. Currently, Healthcare is looking for the ideal balance between virtual and face-to-face healthcare. However, one day this difference will seem much less relevant than today. And as this distinction diminishes, we find ourselves in metavers.

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