How big tech will be present at the Cannes Lions

June 8, 2022 – 17:22

By Garrett Sloan of Advertising Age

A new group of Internet advertising enthusiasts is trying to park their boats at this year’s Advertising Festival and spread a blanket on the beach in Cannes. Amazon, TikTok and Roku are all trying to impress with their first official appearance at the annual marketing conference in the south of France on June 20-24. Netflix and Apple are also sending people to the event with less obvious footprints, according to people familiar with their plans.

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The months leading up to Cannes were crowded with big tech companies, and festival giants, including Meta, Google, Pinterest, and Spotify, secured their usual waterfront spots, which are considered key features of Cannes. The fledgling Amazon has space in View Port de Cannes; The harbor is also where advertising technology docks their boats. To the east of the festival, there will be a cabin near Roku’s Point Croissant. TikTok is in a hut in front of the palace.

Technology has become a central part of the festival and this year the topics of discussion are wide. Meta continues its lead position in Metavers and is leaving Sheryl Sandberg, its longtime advertising leader. Google is redesigning how advertising technology works on Android phones and web browsers to comply with new privacy rules. Amazon is moving into the realm of advertising technology, and Prime Video is taking over video streaming with games like Twitch, Freevee and NFL. Twitter, meanwhile, is rife with conspiracies over Elon Musk’s possible takeover and is developing its platform in addition to competing with Snap Ticket.


Following the criticism, the Cannes Lions shortlisted six black judges

All tech companies will address issues of diversity and inclusion in advertising and in their manufacturer’s economy. There are difficult topics like measurements and data that need to be addressed and there are concerns about the economy that could affect how sellers spend their money over the next year.

With that in mind, let’s see how much technology will make its mark in Cannes.

Amazon anchored
“Everyone is talking about Amazon’s port,” said Jamie Gutfreund, Whalar’s chief marketing officer, influential marketing forum. “It looks like it has scale and content.” From a brand standpoint, Amazon would be a big draw, Gutfriend said.

Amazon also has space for twitch apartments outside the Harbor area.

The CEO of MediaLink, the CEO of MediaLink, which has a large portfolio of events in Cannes each year, said that Amazon will act on the new center of gravity in the port. “All movements are towards the end of the croissant,” Kasan said.

Netflix sets sales
Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos is attending and speaking at the festival, the company confirmed. Netflix is ​​one of the most talked about companies going to Cannes as it announces its intention to grow its advertising business this year.

Cannes is a great opportunity for Netflix to check out advertising technology providers. Cannes is also known as a place where industry seeks talent. “Netflix is ​​talking to a lot of people in an effort to get salespeople everywhere,” said an advertising industry executive, speaking on condition of anonymity. “If you are a seller now and you have a business backlog, you are a hot commodity.”


Malala Yousafzai will be honored at Cannes

Holiday on twitter
Billionaire Elon Musk’s $ 44 billion takeover bid is heading to Cannes for the Twitter company at a critical time that could change the business of the platform; If the contract is closed. Some people present at Cannes who are familiar with Twitter said the company would consider taking a break from all of Musk’s plays.

The Twitter team “loves the company and wants it to succeed, but it’s a ghost that is roaming around,” said a person close to Twitter’s ad sales.

Twitter will have a number of topics to discuss on Twitter Beach Hut and popular officials in attendance, including customer Sarah Persnet, God-is Riviera, Global Director of Culture and Community and TJ Adeshola, Head of Global Content Partnership.

Meta and Google
Meta has plenty of business to take care of in Cannes, where the head of the global business group, Nicola Mendelssohn, will be present. Stay at the Meta Majestic Hotel and have a beach in front.

The company is talking about its new focus on metaverse with VR platforms like Horizon Worlds. Meta will also discuss creating and purchasing videos on Reels on Instagram. This is also a turning point for Meta, as Sandberg, her longtime COO, has announced that she will be stepping down in the fall.

Google’s focus will be on its advertising platform, including how it is developing its privacy protocol on Chrome browsers and Android devices, which will affect the mobile marketing landscape. YouTube is of course a top topic for internet giants.

Meanwhile, Apple, which is also surprising the advertising industry with its own growing advertising platform and new rules for marketers for data collection, according to people familiar with the matter, according to the company’s plans, Apple is sending members of its advertising team to Cannes. Apple did not return a request for comment. The company is also being closely watched in the industry as its anti-tracking and cookie restrictions have changed the landscape for digital marketers looking to reach their devices.

Snap is back
Snap has reserved a space at the Center d’Art la Malmyson, and according to a Snap spokesperson, CEO Evan Spiegel is expected to attend. The company is collaborating with Vogue to bring augmented reality fashion to France.

As Apple and Google rewrite how apps can target and measure ads, Snap is looking to strengthen its advertising potential. Snap has new gadgets like the recently released Pixy personal drone camera.

In addition, Snap avoided using the word “metavers” in its communications with advertisers, although meta popularized the concept. “Snap is going to try to remind people that they are forever in this quoted space ‘Metavers’,” a social media marketing executive said on condition of anonymity. “He now has only one label and one brand.”


The Cannes Lions will have Brazilians on 25 of the 29 juries of 2022

Spotify appears
Spotify on Cannes Beach is a must see. On Tuesday, Spotify added Anderson .Paak, Post Malone, Kendrick Lamar and The Black Keys. Spotify CEO Daniel will be at an advertising festival.

CannesTok, Pinterest and Reddit
The main conference room in the center of the festival, with a cabin near the Palace, is giving TikTok its first official appearance in Cannes. TikTok sent a team to Cannes in 2019 and held a few sessions with festival organizers, but this year will be a great experience with its own event venue. The app brings together its marketing team to talk about creators, creativity and brand safety, which are important topics for advertisers on social media. Blake Chandlee, President of TikTok’s Global Business Solutions; Sophia Hernandez, Global Head of Business Marketing at TikTok; And Adrienne Lahens, Global Head of Operations at TikTok Creator Marketing Solutions, ready to join.

Also, located on Carlton Beach, Pinterest is going to run the ferry again. Pinterest will try to inspire creativity with trends on its platform. He is focusing on the various rosters of the manufacturers to give the festival visitors ideas for styles ranging from makeup to nails, hair and tattoos. Marketing Director Andrea Mallard is expected to be present along with other Pinterest executives.

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman is also expected to be present this year. Reddit is opening what they call the Reddit Explorers Club, where the company will try to teach marketers how to navigate across all communities of the site.

Roku and CTV
This is Roku’s first major exhibition in Cannes, where it will have a cabin, reflecting the growing presence of connected TV in commercials. Roku plans to discuss original programming, streaming and e-commerce and advertising creativity.

Meanwhile, major TV networks including Fox, Paramount, NBC Universal and Warner Bros. Discovery are hosting mini-summits in Cannes. Networks collaborate through a consortium called OpenAP. They will discuss the need for common measurement standards, the ongoing challenges in connected TVs. Advertising technology, identity and measurement companies, including LiveRamp, Amobee, Magnite and Nielsen, are expected to attend the “TVs Advanced Advertising Summit” on June 23.

Advertising technology ferry
Boats are back, but advertising technology is a little frugal this year. Many boats are co-sponsors to split the bill. Innovid, along with video advertising platform, measurement company Comscore, is hosting a yacht with other co-sponsors, including the celebrity video messaging service Cameo., a social media marketing technology platform, has a boat with DoubleVerify, a specialty platform. Data platform Xperia and identity services company MediaWallah are co-captains of the yacht.

“Consumers are talking about sharing this year,” said Lana McGillvre, CEO of Purpose Worldwide, a marketing strategy firm. “The general feeling was that people were coming to Cannes a little more scared because brands weren’t going as well as they used to.” CMO Lyle Underkoffler said the boating scene in Cannes is seen as a venue for the party, but it’s about sharing “thought leadership” in marketing and innovation. “Part of the bridge we’re trying to build is between the new media and the old media,” Undercoffler said. “Cannes is a great opportunity for these collisions.”

Influential in France
The creative economy is expected to flourish in the south of France. Influencer agency Influential will have a fleet where it will host speakers and party content, including an executive panel from TikTok, Meta, Twitter, NFL, Ad Council, Bustle, NTWRK, Vizio, Group Black, The Martin Agency and Mindshare. Producers such as Cameron Dallas, Ugo Mozi and Anthony Alcaraz will also be in attendance.

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