Google Contacts: Visual changes are welcome in the free app!

Google Contacts: Visual changes are welcome in the free app!

App Google Contacts Now we get a new dash of color. This, in fact, is the most recent change in Google’s core applications that now incorporate design philosophy. The material you Ubiquitous in the operating system Android 12.

In the last year of 2021, we saw Mountain View company working hard for visual renewal of many of its products, applications and platforms, even before the introduction of Material U design philosophy. However, its normalization when Android 12 was delivered, and the expected maintenance with Android 13, is new Appear Access to all Google apps.

We have a new one Appear Inspired by Material U for the Google Contacts app

User @PrajjwalPorwal has given this ‘alert’ through Twitter. There, the user noticed the subtle changes in this excellent contact management app on the phone. Note, however, that Google Contacts was the first to receive the usual visual changes directed by Material U.

Now, however, these changes are present in the menu and details of the application, which greatly enhances your user experience and undoubtedly enhances it. From now on, or rather with the arrival of the next update for the Android app, we have new ways to present new accent tones and information.

This update for Google Contacts currently in distribution brings a new interface when opening and using the free app. Note that the UI will match the color scheme defined by each user, therefore, based on the default theme, wallpapers and color highlights are selected automatically, but with user control.

Information grouped by card with new color highlights in the Google Contacts app

Google Contacts
Old look (left). New look (right). Credit: AndroidPolice.

As soon as the update comes on various Android devices, you will notice that the tabs and lines in the info field for each contact disappear. In their place we have new color blocks separated by white or black backgrounds (depending on the preset theme on the device).

Google hopes that this will make it easier to monitor and understand information in a variety of areas. In other words, it aims to improve the user experience of this free app by better planning what is included in each field and facilitating the integration of relevant reading and content.

So we’re seeing some significant changes with version of the Google Contacts app for Android. The same version will gradually reach various global markets with the visual changes mentioned above.

On the other hand, according to the publication AndroidPoliceThe same change is also present on Google Pixel smartphones that are already running the beta version of Android 13 or the stable version of Android 12.

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