Frost Giant Studios has made its first game, Stormgate, in Unreal Engine 5

Frost Giant Studios has made its first game, Stormgate, in Unreal Engine 5

Frost Giant Studios unveiled its first game at Summer Game Fest, Stormgate, developing a completely free real-time strategy title for Unreal Engine 5 for PC (Steam).

“We’re building Stormgate for the real-time strategy community – past, present and future,” said Tim Morton, CEO and production director of Frost Giant Studios. “Our vision is to create a social experience that overcomes the barriers that keep people apart, welcoming players waiting for the next great RTS and proving that the RTS style can flourish once again.”

Will be in beta in 2023. Check out the announcement trailer and more details about the game below:

Stormgate is a new real-time strategy game from the Frost Giant Studio team, featuring developers of Warcraft III and StarCraft II. Explore the ever-evolving story through the campaign where sci-fi meets fantasy, be it single-player or co-op. Face opponents from around the world in our 1v1 competitive streak. Team up with your friends to defeat AI in co-op mode. Get your hands dirty in the editor to create the game of your dreams.

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Stormgate supports high-resolution 4K visuals and hundreds of units in a variety of maps and large-scale combat in terrain. Designed to make RTS more accessible by simplifying user interface inputs, automatically assigning units to control groups, and increasing gameplay. We’ve lowered the required basic skill level, but we’ve made it possible for you to increase it as much as possible.

Stormgate is the RTS that everyone is waiting for.

Epic Story Mission
Earth did not get a chance. Our story begins hundreds of years later, when the invading aliens claimed for themselves on this planet that they came out of Stormgates and ended the world. After the near extinction of humanity, the fragmented groups of survivors came together to rebuild and rekindle hope for the future.

As the fully playable monster hell returns to ruin once again, Earth’s defenders must increase their courage and climb into their 20-foot-tall robot to save the world. It is up to you to choose a side, to gather resources, to build your base, and to command powerful forces to define the outcome.

The first really social RTS
Whatever your favorite game mode, you can play Stormgate with your friends. The campaign co-op can be played, 3 players are allowed in Stormgate’s open co-op mode and more competitive 1v1 players can add social connections through the built-in competition system.

The next generation of RTS competitions
Stormgate carries on the legacy of world-class sports. Enjoy advanced matchmaking for players of all skill levels with a competitive 1v1 streak where your skills will be tested against equally skilled opponents around the world.

We have everything you need when it comes to competition! Create your own tournaments, participate in grassroots events or qualify for professional eSports matches, all from these games.

Free to play – Never pay to win
Stormgate is free for everyone to enjoy RTS fun. Support the development of additional alternative content that you enjoy, without ever giving up to eliminate inconveniences or reap the benefits.

Show your creativity in the editor
Create your own custom search and minigame with our powerful and easy editor. Design landscapes, create roadmaps, modify units, and publish your map for community play. Collect data about your content to take your creation to the next level. Make something fun, share it with the world and reap the rewards for your efforts and creativity.

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