Expert Comments on Differences in Viral Infections |  News from Campo Grande and MS

Expert Comments on Differences in Viral Infections | News from Campo Grande and MS


Colds and flu: Self-medication can mask symptoms and pose a risk

As winter approaches, respiratory illnesses appear, and with any sneezing or runny nose, you soon begin to wonder if you are having a flu condition or if Covid-19 is responsible for the symptoms.

It is common for us to use the word flu to name any respiratory disease, especially in winter. But it is not clear how we recognize and treat different clinical conditions. That’s right, different! Symptoms similar to those of flu, colds, and covidia occur, but are noticeable and require individual treatment.

In just one month, the country recorded a 78.3% increase in new covid cases. In the last week of April, the data showed an average of 14,600 new diagnoses. As of May 31, the number had reached 26,032.

Alexandre Curie, an otolaryngologist and coordinator of the medicine course at UNIDERP, says knowing the main differences between these viral infections can be a great way to know when you need to go to the hospital or need more targeted and effective treatment. “Covid-19, flu and colds are diseases that affect the respiratory system and can cause symptoms such as fatigue, runny nose, sore throat and even fever. However, they do have some features that allow them to be differentiated “, experts comment.

How to tell when it’s time to find a hospital?

Whatever the reason, in case of symptoms, there are general recommendations besides taking care such as wearing a mask, hand washing and frequent application of alcohol gel, avoiding close contact with other people, resting and drinking lots of fluids. Always evaluate by the doctor treating you.

However, when we present warning signs that the symptoms are usually more severe, such as the symptoms described below: Hospital assessment is required:

Constant fever;

Acute and generalized muscle pain;

Difficulty breathing;

Chest pain.

“In cases where covid is suspected, the diagnosis must be confirmed by RT-PCR testing and home isolation must be strictly respected to prevent further spread of the virus. It is also important to check the evolution of symptoms, ”the doctor stressed.

The disease does not always manifest itself in the same way, but in general the evolution of the condition is a good indicator:

• Flu: Symptoms are more severe, appearing overnight with severe symptoms, such as fever and severe malaise.

• Cold: Evolution is slow and symptoms are mild, for example low grade fever. Healed in a few days.

V COVID-19: Evolution is usually slow, the clinical picture deteriorates. Another difference that we may notice is the lack of odor, which is very common in people with Covid-19, but rare in other cases.

Assessment by an assistant doctor is always important, either in person or by telemedicine call, which thus provides the patient with a medical evaluation without having to travel to the emergency room. In the presence of warning signs, face-to-face care is most appropriate at the hospital level.

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