Evan More is working with Spark to launch a digital content network

Evan More is working with Spark to launch a digital content network

Sao Paulo, June 2022 – Resenha Digital Club, a network of digital channels connected to football, has just hit the market. Journalist Ivan More, a company that combines digital content and sports, has an initiative with Spark, an influential marketing powerhouse, and entrepreneurs Gabriel Strauch and Leandro Galeria, who will be the director general of operations at the Sao Paulo office.

The network is already born with over 20 million followers on social networks, 85% of which are men in the age group of 18-34 years distributed across all regions of the country. More than 25 Instagram and TikTok profiles are part of the network, including “Esse Dia Foi Louco”, “Trairagem FC”, “Bola Fora Official”, “FuteOusadia”, “Curiosidade da Bola”, “Football Addict” and “Dona Lucia”. Including. Hexa ”.

“Resenha is a digital newsroom where each profile 3.0 reporter acts as a reporter who brings news, transmits facts in real time, creates memes and provocative relaxed language that builds engagement with people who use football. I am very happy to be taking this initiative by combining the two hobbies of digital and sport ”, the journalist revealed.

Mediatech plans to earn BRL 20 million in the first year from content projects for brands aimed at increasing conversations from their profiles on social networks. The business plan also includes creating its own content channel, which includes other leads, such as podcasts, YouTube channels, and live events, including Resenha Seal.

“Even though football is the theme of the campaign, Resenha is a vertical content that allows brands to reach primarily male targets through original digital profiles that are unique in their ability to combine sports and entertainment to build engagement and promote conversations,” he says. Rafael Pinho, CEO of Spark.

The company begins managing the professional and image of the profiles, including support and representation for position interpretation, narrative composition, curation and content creation, and support with social platforms for finding good results and best practices. . In addition, Resenha is responsible for managing the press, providing legal support, and creating customized projects for the brand, including the World Cup special.

Profile Network has made its Lawn debut this month with Unilever’s Rexona deodorant brand. The campaign relied on the power of 15 network creators to publicize the social project “Perry Alem dos Limites”, starring Gabriel Jesus and inspiring millions of young people to challenge their own limits to conquer their dreams. “We attacked a real block; A total of 15 profiles were posted simultaneously with over 50 content. We’ve generated over 2 million impressions and over 100,000 interactions, with some content formats offering an average of 10% engagement, which is much higher than the norm, “said Leandro Galeria, general director of operations building his career in beer. Going through the markets, Ambev, Brazil, Kirin and Heineken.

According to Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), soccer generates BRL 16 billion annually, with 40 million practitioners in Brazil, 800 professional clubs, 13,000 amateur teams and 11,000 federal players in the country.

Morey back to the game

Evan More has stood out in the digital environment at TV Globo since leaving television 20 years later. An avid and unconditional fan of social networks, the journalist became an expert in Digital Native and Communication 4.0.

After leaving Globo, journalist Evan More spent time in Silicon Valley and trained at Stanford. In addition, he devoted his time to communicating platforms and mentorships for C-levels seeking to professionally innovate themselves using communication as the main means of communication.

“When I realized that the centralized communication model was having problems, I decided to do my research and put everything digitally. The journalist who did not report the situation has been in touch for days. “

Morey graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Londrina (PR) in 1999, the same year he joined the Red Globo, where he won several awards, created numerous TV shows, created articles for all the news and participated in coverage. Major national and international sports competitions, such as the World Cup, Olympic Games, Pan American Games, among others.

He is the author – along with fellow journalist Mauro Betting – of the book “Neymar – Conversa Entre Pie e Filho”, the official character of the player Neymar Jr. and his father Neymar da Silva Santos. It has lectures advising brands in Brazil and around the world, and has launched two podcasts, one about the game and the other about “productive disobedience” about disruption and professional rediscovery.

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