Electrico Benfica Game 1 Play-off Futsal

Electrico Benfica Game 1 Play-off Futsal

BTV Summary

League scoreboard
From play-off
(Game 1)
The final result
Electricity 1
benfica Two
Ganj (33 ‘) चशकला (4 ‘)
Rock (12 ‘)

The first game of the semifinals of the Liga Placard play-offs, Electrico and benfica. The Eagles were great, they won 1-2 and are one win away from sealing their passports in the final.

Very nice filled bench To organize the first duel between Electrico and Benfica. Alentejo supported the class a lot, but it was The eagles are coming in full throttleMany opportunities and early goals.

To Two ‘Chishkalala’s shot deflected Nielsen in the mouth of the goal, But came up. In the next minute, at 3 ‘, Andre Korea saved three shots and showed brilliance in the home goal. The shots were fired by Robinho, Chishkala and Rocha.

Benfica threat and 0-1 Came up 4 ‘: Chishkala didn’t get a chance to shoot in the middle Andrea to Korea. The tram could not stop the incarnation of the greatest power, but, slowly, it became loose and, 8 ‘, Was close to being happy. Stealing the ball from Small fishFirst Shot to the rescue Andre Sousa and Gustavo Rodriguez failed to recharge.

To 12 ‘Red it grew 0-2. In the characteristic movement, Rocha took it back, rotated it, bent it inwards and finished it for the celebration.. Electrician’s response 13 ‘. The combination between Hugo Neves and Yegor MotaIn the latter good condition, the Complete the side. Before you break, highlight a bid in which Ferugeem almost scored his own goal.


The second half was different from the first half with a plus signal from Electrico. Even so, Benfica were close to scoring in the first half. Lonely Robinho allowed the rescue By Diogo Basilio (21 ‘). The game entered into a more relaxed mood, with more space for transitions and two teams were able to approach the threat of targets. There, Alentejo was more assertive.

To 26 ‘One shot John Lennon forced Andre Sousa to save; To 28 ‘, Daniel Eroso He turned inside out, hit a shot and Andre Sousa defended with his foot and the ball hit the bar; To 31 ‘‘S shot Hugo Neves to defend Andre Sausa Intuitively. Electrico’s goals were already there and they appeared 33 ‘. Rust Received from behind Jakare, Andre walked around Sausa and shot at the lonely goal (1-2).

The goal further inspired Electrico and, here 36 ‘, RussianIn good condition Andre Sauss completed the figure. In the next minute, at 37 ‘, Small fish Got the ball back, climbed the meter and hit the shot New stop for Jersey 12 Of eagles. On the next move, Robinho, for free, is testing Diego Basilio’s attention. For the last minute, Electrico bet on 5×4, even Andre Sausa denied Mathews the equalizer. The result of 1-2 Stayed until the final whistle.

Play-off semifinal game 2, which can Make way for Benfica in the Liga Placard Final,Is planned for Sunday, June 12 at 5 p.m.In the light.

Benfica Futsal

Ponte de Sour Sports Pavilion
Benfica started five
Andre Sousa, Robinho, Chishkala, Afonso Jesus and Rocha
Martim Figueroa, Arthur, Rafael Henmi, Nielsen, Tayebi, Bruno Sintra, Carlos Montero and Jacqueline
Electric start five
Andrea Correa, Ferugem, Daniel Eroso, Gustavo Rodriguez and John Lennon
Diego Basilio, Popovich, Mathews, Russo, Hugo Neves, Pexinho and Yegor Mota
On break 0-2
The goal
Benfica: Chishkala (4 ‘) and Rocha (12’); Electric: Ganj (33 ‘)

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