Distributors also made fun of him, but there were (many) doors open, leading vision – Atualidade

Distributors also made fun of him, but there were (many) doors open, leading vision – Atualidade

Rita Salgado and Douglas Gilman were (too) visionary when, 15 years ago, they founded the Sonaratral brand. “There was a tendency to be hungry for fresh produce at that time,” the trader recalls. “We soon learned about a high-pressure cold technology called HPP [sigla de High Pressure Processing], Which was recently released in the US and we took a chance. But it was very difficult because pasteurized fruit juice cost twice as much, “he says.

“It took a long time to convince distributors to put this product in the supermarket. We were lucky that, a year later, some Dutch people were betting on the same technology. Suddenly, two companies, one Portuguese and one Dutch, were leaving. , As you make it at home, which can be eaten for 70 days without losing its nutritional value “, recalls Douglas Gilman.

“GL [empresa que detém a marca] There were always two very strong metrics, innovation and diversity. We have always invested in innovative and different products. We always aim to introduce new things that set us apart. Launch of Benecol [o primeiro iogurte lançado em Portugal com ação comprovada na redução do colesterol no início da década de 2000] He was absolutely daring. At the time, we were a little bit fun, but then it became an important market, “recalls Rita Salgado.

“In fresh juice, there was none of this. We were a little ahead of the market. Consumers didn’t know the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables as much as we do today. Our struggle today is different. Criticized the company’s co-administrator, who earlier this year revised the label on the packaging of Sonacheral’s fresh drinks.

“It’s a way to underline the brand rebranding we’ve done. We’ve added the word under pressure to the name so people know it’s a new product,” explains Douglas Gilman. “We choose the freshest ingredients and use nutritional and flavor-retaining techniques without sugar, preservatives or even water. It is no coincidence that our products have the color, aroma and full flavor of fruits and vegetables,” the entrepreneur guarantees.

Distributors made fun of them, but their front door opened (many) doors with their lead. SAPO Lifestyle “> The distributors had also made fun of him but he had opened (many) doors there.

The 15 years of branding had many challenges. “When we launched our Green Juice, we were ridiculed. The distribution only wanted fruit juices. We insisted on fruit and vegetable juices, which was a trend in Europe and the USA, and the truth is that the reception was great.” I remember. Rita Salgado. “The introduction of ginger was also silly and the reality is that this is our No. 1 reference in the European and North American markets”, managers underline.

“It’s not drinkable, the distributor told us,” recalls Douglas Gilman. “In the USA, we have a long way to go,” said Rita Salgado. “We have our own factory in Pennsylvania, built with Portuguese investment. It is a source of pride,” assumes the professional. “In Europe, we are in 10 countries. We export to Spain, France, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Finland, Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania and Ukraine. Ukraine was a fantastic market,” he says.

“We still don’t sell in Poland or Germany, but these are the markets where we want to be,” assumes the business woman. More than 80% of the fruits and vegetables used in the production of sonatural juices, called sofresco in the US, are Portuguese. “Mango has not come yet, but it will be one and ginger should always be imported because we do not have the climate to grow it. Oranges, pineapples, pomegranates and apples, which are our base, are 100% national,” he explained. Rita Salgado.

In addition to juices, Sonatural also makes and sells kefir, smoothies, probiotic shots, wraps, sandwiches, porridge, salads, snacks and spreads of animal and vegetable origin. “Most of the fungus on the market is filled with preservatives. Because of the high-pressure technology, we have nothing,” says Douglas Gilman. “We have good news for this year but we can’t reveal it yet,” warns the businesswoman.

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