Could you run Fortnite?  Smooth wheel

Could you run Fortnite? Smooth wheel

We had negative and extremely unsatisfactory results in the last Roda Liso with this person, but that is not the reason for leaving Round 2. This is an opportunity to redeem the A53 in the second session of the defeat.

Information sheet

The A53 was launched in March of the same year Exynos 1280 processor and Mali-G68 GPU. Its memory kit has 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. Take a look at the screen, we have a physical size 6.5 “Super AMOLED display with full HD resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. Finally, we have its battery, which uses a powerful 5000mAh capacity.

>> See the complete datasheet of Galaxy A53 5G

About the price, well, the A53 is still at a high price, starting at R $ 2,190.00, at the time this video was recorded.

What we play

For games, we have 6 well known names in Round 2: Fortnite, Marvel Future Revolution, Minecraft, Mortal Kombat, League of Legends: Wild Rift and COD Mobile in multiplayer mode.


Like the first round of the Roda Liso, the A53 will compete with the Realme 9 Pro Plus, A Realme moderator with similar settings.

I’ve said this at least 15 times, but it won’t hurt to get stuck in your head again that the A53 is an intermediate smartphone, so whatever we play here will be on top. Average graphic quality.


There will be people who are skeptical of my word, skeptical of the results, but I don’t care, because for me Fortnite went very well. Well, beauty, you haven’t enabled 60 FPS, but hey, who knew a phone like this could provide solid Fortnite gameplay? Anyway, Its average frame rate was 30, with some differences, reaching at least 15. Realme also took an average of 30 frames, but with a minimum of 14.

3Wheel seal For two in Fortnite.

Miracles future revolution

The gameplay of Marvel Future Revolution was not so enjoyable, obviously. You can see from the images that the FPS is very close to 60 frames, but with a lot of drops and the freeze is very annoying. The trick here would be to play with the framerate capped at 45, so the performance is well stabilized and there is no fluctuation in fluidity and stator. His numbers were as follows. 52 fps average with 90% stability and 3: 30h battery life. With 100% stability and an average score of 58 frames with 4:05 hours of battery life, Realme is even better at this.

Seal Smooth wheel3 For both.


As usual, the game went awry when we tested it in the air, flying. Here and there with a few drops and in general, low FPS. With 67% stability and 3:30 hours of battery life, the effect of moving the camera in the air was 25 fps.. There’s another story on the ground, as there the A53 was able to hold an average of 45 FPS with 74% stability. Realme averaged 31 frames with 64% stability and 4:30h battery life.

The seal isDon’t wheelBut as such, it is carved by us Livefox Said “Who’s going to play flying all the time?” So, if you play it right, the game goes well.

Mortal Kombat

The results of the Mortal Kombat were not perfect, as you can see the framerate changed somewhat between 90 and 90. The A53 then averaged 97 FPS, 96% stability and 3: 15h battery life. Realme, surprisingly, did not go beyond 60 frames, crashed with 98% stability and 7:05 battery life.

A53 then receives a 3Competitive wheel seal In the mortal comatose.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

If you’re a card-carrying Lolzeiro, you won’t be glad to hear that the Galaxy A53 has not had much success with Wild Rift. Well, here’s our darling Scored an average framerate of 56, with 95% and battery life 3:45h. Realme, jokingly, took the same average frames over a 4:50 hour period, with 100% stability and autonomy.

Seal Smooth wheel3 For A53 on Lol Mobile.

Call of Duty (MJ)

He tried and tried and failed. The A53 got an average of 46 frames in COD Mobile’s multiplayer, actually failing to go beyond that. His stability was also not good, as he caught 89%. Finally, the battery life is fine with a duration of 3:40 hours. For our Realme 9 Pro Plus, it’s not even tested in COD multiplayer.

Nonetheless, the A53 has a Seal Smooth wheel3 With pants in hand, on the border of the road.


Galaxy A53 5G Temperature
Galaxy A53 5G Temperature

We also set the ambient temperature at 24 ° C and, after a few games of COD Mobile Battle Royale, to warm the device a lot, It rose to 11 ° C on its surface.


The game was different, but the result was still very close to our first round: the A53 was not well optimized for the game. The higher the framerate, the better. The stability was not good and the gameplay was poor in most of the games. With the exception of Fortnite, none of the games on our list ran without some details, which is a shame.

Having said all that, the A53 is a Seal Smooth wheel3 In the second round of our test.

We’re here at the end of Round 2 on Channel 2, did you like it? Don’t forget to check out the description on our Telegram and Roda Liso Group to check out the offers channel, where we have many members who know a lot about smartphones.


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