Convert SNS.  “We are an old country and that is good.”

Convert SNS. “We are an old country and that is good.”

In Portugal, in 2021, there were about 4,000 people over the age of 100, according to Pordata data, which estimates that in the next three decades, by 2050, that number could exceed 10,000. From Manuel Lopez’s point of view, a situation is very positive because it means that we are able to create the conditions to reach this age. “We’re an old country, and that’s good,” says a professor at the Sओo Joao de Deus Nursing School at the University of Ivory, who attended the second podcast Transformer o SNS, which had the theme, “Health Promotion, Lifestyle and Aging – New Answers” Urgently “. However, professors recognize that it is difficult to cope with the burden of the disease, which is still more than 65 years. The solution, he says, is to develop a set of lifelong health care and disease prevention strategies, not just at a more advanced stage. “The consequences of investing in these policies are significant, albeit not in the short term,” he confirms.


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