Continental News will award the Copa do Brazil’s best defensive players with the NFT

Continental News will award the Copa do Brazil’s best defensive players with the NFT

Along with activism, the brand wants to connect players who protect automotive safety, technology and their teams.

Continental News, the sponsor of the Copa do Brazil, decided to activate the contribution by awarding the best defensive players in the tournament. From the end of the third round of the tournament, which takes place on the last day of this month, to the finals, the brand will give the best defensive player in each round an NFT (non-fungible token).

According to the German multinational, the goal of “Player Defensive Continental Tires” is to identify the athlete who has given his team more security, thus helping his team to reach the Copa do Brasil stage. Awards will be given to five players till the finals to be played in October this year.

“Safety is one of the pillars of the Continental brand and we want to connect these two worlds: automotive safety with a defensive player. We have been sponsors of the Copa do Brasil for seven years and we challenge each year to bring innovation to our activism projects. This is important because we want our sponsorship to gain visibility beyond lawn signs. But, of course, this innovation must have meaning for the brand and, in addition to being directly related to technology, there is something very much in your DNA, the possibility of providing a special image to the player and something completely in this NFT format. Disruptive in Brazilian football. Rodrigo Bonilha, vice president of Continental News, explained.

The idea of ​​a non-fungible token is to create a digital record and make it unique, collectible and valuable. Simply put, it’s about registering an image with encryption, authenticating it, and thus allowing it to be negotiated. NFTs and digital assets are among the top ten trends in the sports industry, according to a report by Consultancy Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) Sports Outlook 2022. For Continental, the NFT will be a symbol of the success of the unique and exclusive digital trophy.

Rodrigo Doin was an artist specializing in cartoons, adept at cartoons, and has already done successful work for Telecine, TNT Sports and Netflix, where he portrayed cartoons for a documentary about Neymar. The “Continental Tires Defensive Player” will be produced by NFT StadiumGo.

The winning players will be selected by the professional manager of the tournament, Cliffer, using data from the performance of the athletes based on a number of criteria, including who scored the most matches, who passed the most accurately, who scored the most goals, the goalkeeper. The one who saved the most, among others. At the end of each stage, Continental Tires and Copa do Brazil will post on their social networks a special art that promotes the selected player and the example of NFT he gets.

“In addition to discussing the sustainability of the NFTs market as a financial asset, we are using technology as envisioned by its creators: a special work of art with a certificate of ownership registered on the blockchain, to provide a unique guarantee. And individual by the winning player. 1 or 10 years from now, if this item becomes something prestigious and valuable, the player has to decide what to do. It’s not a speculative asset, it’s a gift from the Copa Intelbras do Brazil and Continental News in recognition of the player’s performance, and that’s where the token gets its true value, “said Gustavo Andrade, marketing manager for Clifford.

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