Competition promises to take you into space.  Find out how to sign up

Competition promises to take you into space. Find out how to sign up

How about your own opportunity Star Trek? Famous vacation enthusiasts William ShatnerActor playing the role of Priya Captain Kirk In Star TrekJoined Fintech And unicorn Fast To take you into space! That’s right, this project gives software developers the unique opportunity to travel to the edge of space sitting on one of the first carbon-neutral spacecraft.

William Shatner is the face of the competition
William Shatner Is the face of competition
Image: Rapid / Revelation

There is a chance to win more than 1 million Cash, prizes, travel and tickets. A total of 42 challenges will be posted to the Rapid Developer community each week through October 3rd. A password will be revealed to unlock access to obtain a boarding pass upon each of these challenges Space Perspective Spaceship Neptune. Want to know more about space travel and competition entry? Come with us!

How to participate in Rapyd competition?

To be eligible for the award, you must be part of the community From Rapid Developers. For more information, visit the official website of Hack The Galaxy.

Learn more about rapid competition

Rapid competition takes you into space
Image: Rapid / Revelation

The Fast Your competition started Hack Galaxy: A series of virtual challengesA series of “puzzles” to win tickets for developers to travel far into space in the private capsule – space perspective spaceship Neptune – to be launched in 2026. Challenges are being posted on the Rapyd developer community.

The competition will nominate Three individual winnersWill be announced on July 11, September 2 and October 14, 2022. These names will be among the biggest developers Fintech Will be able to board the world’s only carbon neutral spacecraft for a six-hour tour of the Milky Way. With a 360-degree panoramic window, winners will enjoy a view of the capsule’s luxurious seating, complete with toast victories with drinks and cult classics.Rocket manPlaying in the background. Glorious, huh?

Living in space, I can’t express how incredible this opportunity is for software developers around the world. It’s an experience I won’t trade for, and I’m looking forward to partnering with Rapyd to sign up in the Rapyd developer community, complete puzzles, and reach out to developers around the world. The edge of space!

William ShatnerActor in the role of Captain Kirk

Developer community

Who has the support of the entire campaign Martin Starr – who plays Bertram Gilfoil in the TV series HBO Silicon Valley – Participants will have the opportunity to win dozens of other prizes – Cash Values ​​and Super Exclusive Objects, such as the space helmet signed by Shatner.

Competition promises to take you into space.  Learn how to sign up.  Developers around the world have the opportunity to compete for space travel on one of the first carbon-neutral spacecraft!
Martin Starr plays a developer in Silicon Valley
Image: Silicon Valley / Revelation

Be a part of Rapid Developer Community Goes beyond the possibility of running for a ticket for space travel. The community has become a hub for developers to learn, connect and share with others around the world Fintech. From learning how to use Rapyd’s API to collaborating on business ideas and Hackathon Places, is a platform for creativity and success.

Hack the Galaxy Challenge is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and an opportunity to connect talented professionals to our growing community of over 50,000 software developers. By launching this first global competition, we can not only find and crown Planet Earth and the next largest fintech developer, but also create a space for like-minded thinkers around the world who want to add and share ideas.

Arik Shtilman, CEO of Rapyd

Still accordingly CEO of Rapid, Arik Shtilman, Developer is the dreamer and financier of Fintech Innovation. There are millions of them around the world, reconsidering financial services, combining new ideas and solutions to solve the problem of how businesses and consumers pay and how to pay in markets across the planet. In this way, it further strengthens the commitment of these professionals to ensure that they receive the best tools, support and advice so that they can continue to facilitate fintech payment applications and services.

How to apply for a space trip?

To participate, you must be part of the Rapyd developer community. As per the terms and conditions of the competition, the date and place of the Space Perspective-Promoted Tour has not been revealed yet. However, winners can choose a cash prize of US $ 130,000 / 121,219 euros – equivalent to R $ 656,071.

If you are a developer, be sure to join the Rapyd Fintech community to contribute something bigger than this marathon challenge. Help other fintech developers, contribute code samples for students and experienced developers.

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