Clinical Drops: Top 3 Infectious Diseases of Pediatrics

Clinical Drops: Top 3 Infectious Diseases of Pediatrics

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Infectious diseases can be a challenge in medical practice, especially in pediatrics. That’s why we’ve brought you the top 3 clinical drops with important and general themes that deserve special attention and constant updates. Check it out!

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Crop is a clinical syndrome characterized by symptoms of upper respiratory tract obstruction, hoarseness, whooping cough, and stridor. This can lead to a variety of respiratory arrests, including aortic intubation and the need for mechanical ventilation. The use of corticosteroids is the mainstay of croup therapy. Are there any more beneficial corticosteroid regimens?

Watch it in the video.

Hand-foot-mouth disease is extremely common in pediatrics and, in most cases, presents as a mild, self-limiting disease. Its treatment is based on symptomatic and analgesic use in addition to adequate hydration of the patient.

Nonetheless, some cases of hand-foot-mouth disease can have serious forms, including encephalitis and pneumonia, in addition to the patient’s death, and should be identified immediately by the health team for appropriate treatment.

Do you know the risk factors for this disease? See more in our video.

Scabies in children is usually treated with oral ivermectin or 5% permethrin lotion.

Oral ivermectin is not commonly used in children under 5 years of age or under 15 kg, due to the potential risk of drug neurotoxicity at this age. What behaviors should be described in these patients?

And which drug gives the best results in the treatment of scabies in young children, in children over 5 years of age or over 15 kg? See answers on clinical drops.

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Co-author: Juliana Fros – Medical Clinic

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