Check out four changes, only two mandatory

Check out four changes, only two mandatory

For the 2022/23 season, i.e. from 1st July the rules will be changed. It’s four and corresponds to a new ball

There will be some changes to the rules next season, proposed by a special committee for this purpose and approved by the General Assembly of the IHF (International Handball Federation). There are four amendments, only two are absolutely mandatory. Starting with non-binding, without resin, will be possible to play with small and light balls.

“No one will be forced to change, every country and every tournament in every country will decide who to play with. We will still play with the Resin Balls, even if we have a contract with the select,” O’Groats explained to Pedro Sequeira, who, in other terms, the Portuguese federation. (FAP) Vice President and Member of the European Handball Federation (EHF) Practices Committee.

The second change, which is only mandatory for some, is related to the exit pass, which must be made in a circle four meters in diameter. If there is an area with futsal marks, in which this circle is also, although larger than two meters, it can be somewhat confusing, at least initially.

“I agree with that,” Sequeira said. “The aim is to prevent unnecessary halting of the game by referees and to speed it up,” he explained. .

The most talked about law ever, because it has a subjective element, is the passive game. The referee’s explanation will continue to determine the penalty, but the passing rule came to the rescue. And, if there was a chance of six passes after the corresponding sign earlier [levantar do braço]Now there will be only four, the team will be forced to shoot in the fourth action.

Finally, in order to protect the goalkeeper’s physical integrity, all players who hit the ball on their heads in the open space – without competitors in front of them, without touching them or interfering with their movement – will be punished with two minutes of omission. . Previously, this only happened in seven-meter free-kicks.

Famous 7×6 still valid

Another rule that gave a lot to say, the possibility of removing the goalkeeper and playing with seven field athletes, the famous 7×6, will remain in force. Some of the game’s agents predicted his disappearance, but, at least for four years, nothing should change. “It’s not mandatory, but the rules usually change during the year after the Olympics,” recalls Pedro Sequeira, a columnist for O’Groats.

Four changes

Resin-free balls can be used

From 1 July, resin-free balls will be used, which will be smaller and lighter.

Passive game after four passes

Only four passes will be allowed after the sign, instead of the current six [braço no ar] Passive game.

Goalkeeper protection

Players who shoot at the goalkeeper’s head in the open space, that is, without a front defender, without touching or disturbing the action, will receive a two-minute suspension.

Exit the pass in the new circle

The player who passes the exit must have at least one foot in the new area, which will be a central circle of four meters diameter.


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