Capcom announces winter expansion for Resident Evil Village with Rose DLC and more shadows

Capcom announces winter expansion for Resident Evil Village with Rose DLC and more shadows

The new content comes in October with the Golden Edition of the game

One year after the announcement of the story DLC for Resident Evil Village, the Capcom has revealed the details During their showcase today. DLC will be called “Shades of Rose” And there will be Rose, Ethan’s daughter, as the protagonist. In addition to novelty, Capcom has announced more content for rental mode and more to come on October 28th.

The Shadows of the Rose are disturbing from the beginning of the story to the end of the main campaign with Ethan, as it is an exact continuation. Rose is 16 years old, after the hero’s struggle to save her daughter, and the girl will show a torn girl between her desire for a normal life and learning more about her strengths.

She returns to Dimitrescu’s castle in search of answers, and, surprisingly, returns as one of the Duke villains in the main expedition. As the rose enters the consciousness of the megamycet, this fungus plays an important role in the game’s story. There, Ethan’s daughter basically finds an “older version of herself.”

The Shadows of the Rose campaign promises to bring a mix of real-world moments with your conscious moments. The entire campaign will be played in third person.

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The main campaign can be played in the third person

One of the announcements is a third-person mode with Ethan throughout the main campaign, which will act as a remake of Resident Evil 2, 3 and 4. Capcom says “a lot of people have asked for it” and the mod will come with the Rose DLC in October.

The developer guarantees that the new approach will bring new animations to Athens, because unlike what the moders have been trying to do since the game was launched, we can see it when the news comes.

New content for rental mode

Rental mode will have more content with “Extra Order”. Depending on the atmosphere of the campaign, the mode will receive new stages, as well as new characters: Chris Redfield, and the villain Carl Heisenberg and everyone’s favorite, Alsina Dimitrescu.

Capcom also jokes in the ad: “Take a chance to see your 2.7 meter tall enemies”. Each character will have their own moves and abilities. Heisenberg, for example, will be assisted by one of his experiments in the main campaign. Dimitrescu grabbed everyone by the neck with one hand and threw the chairs out of his yard.

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It will all arrive on October 28 in the “Winter Extension” DLC. With the arrival of DLC, Capcom will be released Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, Which will be a base game and an extension on the same day. And finally, Resident Evil RE: Verse, the promised online mode with the release of RE Village, will also be available on October 28.


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