Burnout, sao joo and more;  Check out this Friday’s Highlights (10)

Burnout, sao joo and more; Check out this Friday’s Highlights (10)

Play chess to remember Seu Zezu

This Saturday, create a chess for the very traditional June preview Forró do Seu Zezu. The event will take place at 5 pm at Fazeventus in Aldea. The party celebrates 39 very successful editions, meetings and memories. To make people happy, a team was chosen that brings together attractions for all genres. Among the confirmed names are Beto Barbosa – the eternal king of Lambada – as well as a number of local attractions that promise a number of fora, such as singer Geraldinho Lins and a trio of Jorge de Altinho, urea and puppets.

Possession 1

With the opening of the beloved Jose Paulo Cavalcanti Filho, this weekend, Rio de Janeiro will become the “capital of Pernambuco”, today, at 9 pm, at ABL. The list of confirmed ones only grows with the capitalists …

Possession 2

Possession begins at 9 p.m. At 20:30, a traditional photo with all the educators is scheduled. Initially there will be a reception to welcome the attendees. Social1 will cover everything in real time.

Consequences of burnout

Since January, burnout has entered the category of occupational disease, according to the WHO. Labor lawyer Renato Melquides explains that the worker may have been diagnosed with the disease at work. Thus, once the syndrome is proven, it is necessary to ensure stability at work, in addition to the payment of FGTS for the duration of leave – the perception of accidental illness help – of higher value.

Effects on social assistance

Armando Jr. Celebrates: Out of more than 500 projects registered with the UN Brazil Strategy Network, Travacia received the award in Sao Paulo for being one of the ten most influential projects of the social assistance initiative, including the ReConstruindo o Futuro project, which works for eligible and inmates of the Pernambuco prison system.


Pernambuco Magistrates celebrate Sao Joo this Saturday, in the village of Pernambuco Magistrates Association. The party will be at Blue Angel. Singers Silvana Salazar and the trio Muganga promise to be enthusiastic.


Dom Fernando Saburido, Ricardo de Almeida, Arnoldo Maranho Neto, Ida Lucena, Emilio Schuler, Manuela Farres, Benita Guevara, Cristina Frere, Luiz Modesto, Isabel Coelho, Andre Sells, Rafaela Moreno Fernandez,


Troça Carnavalesca Turma da Jaqueira Holding the Talo, tomorrow, at 9 p.m. At the headquarters of the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation’s Association of Servers.

Afro bias

Carla Mariani da Silva Batista of Igarasu saw her Azulerde, an Afro-contemporary biased semi-jewelry brand, as one of 12 selected by Afrolab Moda through the Instituto C&A public notice, aimed at supporting and promoting black entrepreneurial forces.

pitaya risotto

Thiago and Paula Macedo are adding that the Yugo Premium menu for Valentine’s Day will have five stages. According to the couple, Pitaya Risotto – which has a beautiful color of fruit and a large prawn – should be one of the ‘Instagrammables’ on the menu, which will be available tomorrow and Sunday with reservations. Chef Wellington Olympio has also created vegetarian options for each stage of the service.

Uncle Sam

The U.S. Consul in the Northeast, Jessica Simon, along with her husband, Frederico Matos, will celebrate the 246th anniversary of American independence on the 7th, at the Dois Irmaos plant, with some special attractions, from 4 to 7 p.m. It is worth mentioning that the United States government will donate R $ 70,000 to help the families affected by the recent heavy rains.


The band “Combo X” will be performing tomorrow and Sunday at the Capibar, Casa Fort, with the Mangue 3.0 show.

João Lampropulos from Jayme da Fonte celebrates the organization’s quality seal. Certification confirms the technical capability of the unit.

At the Arte Plural Galleria, the island of Gauvia’s exhibit attracts attention for its minimalist works of wheel path, a sense of completeness, and harmony with others. In addition to acrylic on the canvas there are 87 works in watercolor, gouache, colored pencil drawing.

Architect Yasmin Carrichio signed the project for a new Fatoria store in BV.

Silvia Sabadell from Comadre Fulozinha launches rustic and special bags with vegetarian cosmetics for Valentine’s Day.

Arraiá Pega Vareta, today, will be in the Cecon Pavilion, along with Wesley Safadão, Taty Girl, Rogerinho and Danielzinho.

This Saturday, the Classic Hall hosts a Bora Namorer party with Priscilla Senna, Rafaela Santos, Taron and Victor Santos.

This Friday, Daniella Cantarelli and Priscila Borba promoted a special Valentine’s Day dinner for 18 couples. In de Branco Casa Fort.

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