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09/06/2022, 20:29

Watch Brazil has launched a new platform version and announced partnerships with Paramount and Grupo Nuco

Watch Brazil, a content hub that brings together movies, series, linear channels, sports broadcasts, music and educational videos, launches version 3.0 of its platform. The goal is to redefine the user experience by increasing the content hub’s resources and technical capabilities. “Recently, we have decided to position ourselves more as a content hub than a streaming platform. We are aware of the many platforms and ways that content exists today, and so we have the opportunity to organize this market – both in B2B, which is widely distributed in Brazil as well as in the content organization for companies to offer to their members. We are expanding our portfolio of services and products beyond the flow of platforms and today, we have important partners and brands on this journey “, said Mauricio Almeida (Photo)The CEO and co-founder of Watch Brazil, at an event held for the press and market last Wednesday night, 8.

Business expansion in partnership with Paramount

Another innovation is that the Watch Brazil platform will be responsible for selling new Paramount + packages to most ISPs. The company was chosen, among other things, for the platform’s broadcast quality and the end-user experience. “Many changes are taking place in the market. Today, we decided to expand our partnership with Watch, which launched in 2018, making the company our exclusive strategic partner in terms of independent broadband providers. We are an ocean ship size company present in 148 countries and that is why we need to provide excellence in service. For that we need strategic partners, and in this sense the watch, which reaches this broadband provider. The market has become the best option. We have full confidence in the security of the platform, said Paramount Vice President Rogerio Francis during the event.

Technology and performance

Watch Brazil was born with performance prep for a great experience, the safety and quality of the technology added. “Content is always hosted on Akamai’s Content Delivery Network (CDN), a server that many providers already have in their infrastructure, resulting in excellent performance within the ISP’s network,” explains Almeida. “In terms of technology, we have the same technology that global players use. From CDN, where movies are stored, to DRM, which takes care of anti-piracy security, we use the same technology and software infrastructure as Hollywood. Studios, like Paramount, have their worldwide Our technology provider is Kaltura, an Israeli company based in New York and shares on Nasdaq “, the CEO adds.

Watch Brazil offers a variety of options for end user performance and a better streaming experience on any device, as well as a positive cost-benefit ratio. And, according to Almeida, the platform creates new customers for studios and TVs: “We bring content produced by Hollywood to millions of members of regional suppliers (ISPs) with strong technical security and piracy-proof. The market, when the watch was launched by more than 9,000 to 18,000 companies – to gain a competitive edge and be able to offer content from the latest Hollywood releases.

Version 3.0 focuses on combo possibilities

In March of this year, Watch Brazil received a 28 million contribution from Bertha Capital, CVC (Corporate Venture Capital) manager of Multilaser, which became an investment partner in the startup. Watch Brazil has been growing rapidly since its launch in 2018: in 2020, it grossed nearly R $ 10 million, and in 2021, it surpassed R $ 17 million. In terms of customers, the company grew 150% from 2020 to 2021 and is expected to grow 400% in 2022.

In the process of expansion, the company opened offices in Manos (AM), strengthened its professional services team in all regions of Brazil and further expanded its portfolio. Since the beginning of the year, the company has also invested in technological advances and has now launched version 3.0.

“One of the main differences is that B2B offers special possibilities for personalization in content services according to the package purchased by the consumer. Some user interface standards were created to facilitate the management and control of content releases in relation to front-end “, says Almeida.

Watch Brazil offers streaming services for live providers and enables partners to create specific services, such as the UOL Play and Vero Play offers, both powered and enabled through startup’s technical platforms. “The new platform also focuses on artificial intelligence solutions to automatically create content carousels, according to usage patterns and user profiles. For products sold separately, we will have a dedicated carousel, with access to products that users can add. Your membership, such as HBO and DirectTV GO, among others “, adds CEO.

New partnership with Newco

It is the strategy of Group Newco, which is now investing in a system dedicated entirely to this market, to drive the growth of relationships between operators and Internet providers. The new service, created in partnership with Watch and announced during this Wednesday’s event, brings security, quality and speed, which will guarantee distributors better access to content. Newco Group’s partnership with Watch for the distribution of content will bring together all of its channels and open band signals, except Bandnews FM, Radio Banderantes, Band FM, Play FM and Nativa FM.

“We are a Brazilian group, a channel and a platform of diverse content that is learning to move into this new world. We conclude that our goal and our work is to produce content and that this content must be available to all Brazilians who are interested. Creates content, which I think is important to reach people’s homes. And for that, we need to use the most competent access platforms and providers in the country. And the market for entrepreneurs running these ISPs in Brazil, they need content “, .

“The aim is to deliver a complete package to the distributor and provide easy access to all of them to the end customers. In addition to the new channels, the watch will feature BandNewsTV, BandSports, Terraviva, AgroMais, Sabor & Arte and Arte1. Launched in July, Canal Emprinder, which Particularly relevant to regional content, for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, financial agents who are the biggest strengths in the country, the areas we want to reach through ISPs, which makes our contract more. Opportunity “, Saad adds.

The group expects that, from now on, more than 9,000 broadband service providers will have direct access to these products. Currently, 100% of major operators in the country carry some channels already distributed by Grupo Nuco, and at least 70% of them carry all channels.

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