BOLA – Sporting beat Fandao in spectacular sport (futsal)

BOLA – Sporting beat Fandao in spectacular sport (futsal)

Sporting took a big step towards the play-off final of the National Futsal Championship by defeating Fundão 6-4 in the first game of the semi-finals on Friday afternoon at Fundão.

In a power play played in an almost crowded pavilion and where there was no shortage of support for the home team, it was Beiron who scored three minutes later through the net. The Lions’ reaction was fierce and before the break, they managed to change the green and white symbols, the result of a goal by Penny Verela and Waltinho.

The supplementary stage was even more spectacular, with Fandao giving everything to try to beat the national champion and Yuri Bahia signing the draw. Esteban Guerrero returned the favor to Sporting, but Felipe Leight soon took a 3-3 lead. Alex Merlim was the goal scorer who outscored the Nuno Dias players, but unfortunately for Joao Matos, who scored his own goal, he left everything equal. Leonin’s captain immediately freed himself and tied the score at 5-4, with Gitta at the top of the final whistle carving his name on the scorecard.

So Sporting has an advantage, and this Sunday, at 3pm, at the Pavilhão João Rocha in Lisbon, Fundão can show its presence in the play-off finals if they win again.

Game Movie Remember:

The match is over! Fanda 4 Sporting 6.

40 minutes: Sporting Score! Gitta shot inside his penalty area and took advantage of the fact that Fandao had no goalkeeper to extend it to 4-6.

40 mins: Diego Cavinato and Kachi’s shot, above the line, prevents Sporting from scoring.

39 mins: Sporting Score! The pass from Tomás Paçó and João Matos brought the Lions in front of the markers with a powerful shot. 4-5.

38 min: Fandao Score! Both, near the finish line, went to the center of the field and Joao Matos, unfortunately, allowed the ball into his own goal. 4-4.

Fundão will risk 5×4 in the last three minutes. Mario Fritas plays as the forward goalkeeper.

37 min: Fundao coach Nuno Kauto requests technical break.

36 mins: Fandao’s second foul.

35 mins: Sporting’s fourth foul.

35 min: Fandao’s first foul.

35 min: Nuno Dias, sports coach, requests technical break.

34 min: Sporting Score! Alex Merlim, on the left, is cross, leaning against the line, and Luan Mरller, unhappy, lets the ball go through his legs. 3-4.

33 mins: Peleh, close by, hits the right post of Gitta’s goal.

33 mins: Sporting’s third foul (Funda has not yet committed a violation in the second half).

32 mins: Nem’s excellent move, which directs the ball to Felipe Leit, the Brazilian tries to help David Gomes, but Gitta intervenes at high level to deny Fandao the fourth goal.

31 min: Luan Mरller shoots Waltinho for a second safe haven.

29 mins: Eric Mendonsa, after an excellent personal lead, shoots hard with his right foot for Luan Mरller’s second beautiful save.

25 min: Fandao Score! Felipe Leight’s cross shot from a distance returned the tie to the scorer. 3-3.

23 mins: Sporting Score! With the help of Tomas Paco and Esteban Guerrero, on the far post, they did it 2-3.

23 mins: Sporting’s second foul.

22 min: Fandao Score! Yuri Bahia, direct free-kick, equalized the scoreboard. 2-2.

22 mins: Sporting’s first foul.

21 mins: Alex Merlim’s powerful shot and Luan Mरller’s corner save.

The beginning of the second part!

Excellent game in Fundão. The Bera team is facing the Lions face to face and with that, the show wins. So, it was not surprising that the home team started scoring as Nem shot behind Gitta’s goal. Sporting responded and, despite several high-level interventions by Luan Mलरller, managed to reach the tie, through Penny Varela. At the end of the first half, especially five seconds before the break, after Diego Cavinato’s header, Waltinho led the green and white sign for the break.

Given the excellent first half played by the Bera team, in addition to the well-known quality of the Lions, a spectacular second half is expected in this first game of the semi-finals of the national play-off. Futsal Championship.

Break! Fanda 1 Sporting 2.

20 minutes: Sporting Score! The manual launch by Gitta, assisted by Diego Cavinato and Waltinho, on the edge of the field, shot 1-2 first.

20 mins: Alex Marlim and Diego Cavinato’s perfect assist, completely alone, shot in the center of the field for a brilliant save by Luan Mरller.

18 min: Esteban Guerrero gets a cross shot, but Luan Mरller makes a beautiful save.

18 mins: Eric Mendonनाa right shot, right side, the ball hits the side net.

16 mins: Yuri Bahiya tries his luck, but the shot goes wide of the left post of Leonin’s goal.

15 mins: Bera’s quick transition, with Peleh, on Gitta’s face, shot by Sporting’s Brazilian goalkeeper for an excellent defense.

14 min: Babe’s shot from the front, easily saved by Gitta.

13 min: Fundao coach Nuno Kauto requests technical break.

13 mins: Tomas Paco, after entering from the left, cross-shoots into the side mesh of Luan Mरller’s goal.

11 mins: Felipe Leight’s spin shot and Gitta post flashes again.

9 min: Fandao’s fourth foul.

8 mins: Sporting’s fourth foul.

8 mins: Waltinho, on the right, tries to target Luan Mरller’s goal, but the Armenian goalkeeper intervenes brilliantly.

7 mins: Felipe Leit’s powerful shot and Gitta’s excellent save for the corner.

7 mins: Sporting’s third foul.

7 min: Sporting Score! Penny equalized on Warela’s cross kick. 1-1.

6 mins: Fandao’s third foul.

5 mins: Fandao’s second foul.

5 min: Sporting’s second foul.

5 min: First Foul by Fandao.

5 mins: Pani Varela’s powerful shot from mid-range, Luan Mरller’s careful defense.

5 min: Sporting’s first foul.

3 min: Fundo Goal! Or, on Gitta’s face, he shoots loudly and well and opens actively. 1-0.

The start of the match!

Funda (initial five): Luan Mरller, Nem, Mario Fritas 3David Gomes and Yuri Bahia

Options: Paulo Pereira, Tiago Couto, Peleh, Felipe Leit, Sissy, Babe, Rui Morera, Gui and Kutchi

Instructor: Nuno Kauto

Sporting (starting at five): Gitta, Eric Mendona, Joao Matos 3Diego Cavinato and Alex Merlin

Options: Bernardo Paco, Tomas Paco, Pauletta, Waltinho, Pani Verela, Miguel Angelo and Esteban Guerrero

Instructor: Nuno Dias

Punch: Philippe Duarte and Miguel Castillo (AF Lisbon)

There are already teams!

Fandao reached this stage of the tournament by defeating Quinta dos Lombos in the third game (1-3, 4-2 and 2-1), while Sporting needed just two games to leave Futsal. Azeméis (3-0) and 1-0).

The semi-finals will be played as the best of three matches, meaning that, regardless of the outcome this afternoon, the two teams will meet again next Sunday, at 15:00, at Pavilhão João Rocha in Lisbon, in Game 2. If, coincidentally, a so-called third meeting is required BlackAccording to the calendar, this decisive duel will also take place next Friday, the 16th, in the Leonin enclosure.

The semi-finals of the play-offs of the National Futsal Championship are starting from this Saturday. The first game is played at Pavilhão Municipal do Fundão between Fundão and Sporting (19 hours) and A BOLA Online will tell you all about this match. Stay in touch, dear reader …

Good evening!


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