Bitcoin Market (MB) 8 lists new cryptocurrencies and announces name changes and promotions that will pay R $ 50 free.

Bitcoin Market (MB), announced a list of 8 new cryptocurrencies on its platform, They are: Civic, Bioconomy, Raven, Polymouth, Alien Worlds, BrainTrust, Decentral Games and Seek VR.

Among them, OPTIMISM, launched on May 31, is one of Ethereum’s second layer (L2) scalability solutions. Which aims to make etherium-safe transactions faster and cheaper.

Moreover, June 12 marks the ninth anniversary of the exchange. To commemorate the date, MB created a campaign to give away gifts to customers. Until June 30, customers who open an account with MB and deposit an amount of R $ 100.00 C ब 50.00 worth of cryptocurrency will be available till 31st July 2022.

Another new thing is that the company is changing its brand and name, Stop having Bitcoin Market to accept MB abbreviation As the official name of the company. According to the exchange, the move involves the restructuring of businesses and brands associated with 2TM Holdings.

Moreover, change Part of the group’s strategy to make business easier and stronger and to expand the offer of solutions and products.

“In line with our goal of becoming a tool of the new digital economy, we will have a diverse menu of products and services in one place to meet diverse profiles,” reinforced Reinaldo Rabelo, CEO of Mercado Bitcoin.

Special areas to serve institutional clients or large business clients are now called MB One and MB Private. MB One will be a special service channel and Will provide a complete solution of services and products in the context of the new digital economy.

“We provide solutions and products related to crypto-assets, supported tokens, financial planning, wealth management, traditional assets, insurance and pensions,” says Rabello.

Clients with more active profiles, who seek short-term results based on market volatility, will be served by MB Traders, which will have a team. Specialist financial market traders focus on meeting the needs of crypto traders.

With this service, Arrived at the first exclusive crypto trade room in Brazil, Added to the production of daily reports with full analysis. MBDA and Clearbook will be MB tokens, focusing on real estate tokenization and equity crowdfunding.

Changes to MB

ParMais, an asset in asset management and financial investment, acquired by 2TM Group, will be called MB Assets. Individual asset analysis, asset management and planning based on each client’s objectives is ongoing, now with a complete offer of new products such as digital fixed income.

The company is managed by its founders, Analisa Blando and Alexander Amorim. Customers of the partner companies will have MB Cloud, a crypto-a-service at their disposal, which will enable their customers to hold, buy and sell crypto assets on their apps and platforms.

This is the case with key partners already connected to crypto services such as EQI Investimentos, Trademap, Even, Netcarros, TC, TradingView, Melnick, Nelogica, Valor Pro and GO.

“In addition to assimilating our entire ecosystem and simplifying brand architecture, through this rebranding we wanted to draw people’s attention to the fact that you have to start to be a winner. And soon, “explains Robson Harda, chief marketing and growth officer at 2TM.

MB – Find new assets listed in CIVIC (CVC)

What is CVC? This is an identity verification protocol supported by Artificial Intelligence. This platform leverages the security of blockchain technology to provide more secure and efficient ways for businesses and individuals to protect their identities.

This strategy allows developers to create more effective Dapps to serve the market. As a result, adoption rates have risen sharply since the launch.

Civic Coin is a decentralized identity for web3, and is a blockchain-based network that allows companies to speed up their integration with legitimate users, eliminating the possibility of fraud and other issues.

This is enabled by meeting your customer’s knowledge and anti-money laundering requirements, verifying your identity once and using it with various services that are part of the citizenry.


What is BICO? It is a plug-and-play multi-chain relay protocol that can handle bridge management on transaction management, gas payments and Web 3.0 applications. The infrastructure is non-custodial, meaning users do not have to worry about network switching when transacting.

BICO is an Ethereum token that powers Biconome, aimed at connecting users to any decentralized application across multiple chains for a relatively low fee. It can be used to pay network fees and vote on protocol updates.


What is Revain (REV)? It is an online platform for reviews of tokens based on Ethereum blockchain, aimed at helping developers with interdisciplinary knowledge, that is, helping each other with what they know to leave projects in the best way possible.

The main features of the project are:

  • I – Legal Reviews: Revain only uses the original content of various experts on its website;
  • II – Stable system: The protocol is implemented in two different tokens, REV and RVN, which allows the system to work better, the token helps facilitate interaction between users of the RVN platform;
  • III – Irrevocable Information: The system does not allow regular users and revain itself to edit other users’ information.

Revain’s main goal is to create a legal and realistic feedback framework for all global products and services that use emerging technologies such as machine learning and blockchain.

Polymath (poly)

What is polymath? Polymath is a decentralized platform that makes it easy to create and manage security tokens. The Polymath ST-20 incorporates standard regulatory requirements into tokens, restricts trading to verified participants only, and simplifies the complex technical challenges of creating security tokens.

Recognizing that existing blockchains are insufficient to meet market regulatory requirements. Polymath created polymerase, an institutional-grade blockchain made in etherium specifically for regulated properties. The project aims to provide all the technology to create tokens, basically its functionality.

Alien Worlds (TLM)

What is Alien Worlds (TLM)? This is a virtual game that provides a metaverse experience where players compete for resources with TLM tokens. These are decentralized metavers of NFTs, where players compete for resources (trillium – TRM) in a vibrant economy centered around the planetary world.

In addition, the game also has links to DeFi in the sense that players are betting on progress and using their tokens to vote on DAO.

In terms of voting, there are several DAOs in Alien Worlds that allow token holders to participate in deciding who manages the platform, as well as each planet in the game represents the DAO, so, a player joining a particular planet, as a result, you join that DAO, yours Show alliance and be able to vote on its main decisions with your tokens.

In the end, in order to become a planet’s advisor (leader), it is enough for the player to apply and get the required votes from the holders of that planet, not just one advisor but many representatives of the holders.

BrainTrust (BTRST)

What is BTRST? BrentTrust aims to leverage a user-controlled decentralized talent network aimed at leveraging on the extractive model of traditional freelance platforms, aligning user and customer incentives to benefit both parties, and fulfilling their interests by creating blockchain-based options.

It is the first decentralized talent network to connect qualified and accredited knowledge workers to the world’s leading companies. The communities that believe in finding work on BrentTrust are the people who own and build it, ensuring that the network always caters to the needs of its users rather than a centrally controlled corporation.

For their contribution to the network and its growth, a community of knowledge workers and contributors gain ownership and control of BrentTrust through their original BTRST token, and so new talents and jobs have joined the network at a record pace.

Decentralized game (DG)

What is decentralized sports (DG)? The goal of decentralized games is to provide dynamic monetization in a decentralized way, that is, to provide games in which it is possible to make money while playing.

DG token holders will receive votes to provide access to unique tools on the platform, as well as to improve financial incentives and to manage the platform’s treasury.

The GameFi niche is already showing satisfactory practical economic results, and the project aims to be an early gateway, enabling anyone to join the platform community while playing family games starting with ICE Poker.


What is Ceek VR (CEEK)? CEEK aims to connect all users to “entertainment metavers” where users can access a variety of intimate music performances and experiences.

These metavers serve as the gateway to all sorts of great VR (virtual reality) experiences, emphasizing experiences as they aim more than just watching.

Artists will be able to tokenize unique experiences and mint coins that can be exchanged with fans for different elements of the VR experience. It could be anything from a world of unique virtual reality dedicated and designed to stream a solo album or song, or it could be a front row seat for a “live” performance.

All transactions on the blockchain network are transparent and secure, helping to create a marketplace where fans can easily exchange and exchange NFT items from their idols, reducing event organization costs as well as avoiding other environmental issues, the environment.

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