Better than the S22 Ultra?  Smooth Wheel S22 Plus

Better than the S22 Ultra? Smooth Wheel S22 Plus

S22 Plus has been making occasional appearances on Canal Oficina da Net, but we have not yet made a dedicated presentation for this person. However, today we are introducing one of Samsung’s best-equipped handsets for good.

Information sheet

It’s been a while since the S22 Plus came out of Samsung’s oven: February 2022 was its official launch. In the brain of this war tank a The Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor works well with Qualcomm’s most advanced, Adreno 730 GPU.. As a reminder, today we have a unique option of 8 GB RAM, with 128 GB storage. Looking at our competitor’s screen, it has a physical size 6.6 “dynamic AMOLED display with full HD resolution and a very high refresh rate of 120Hz. , Which supports 4500mAh power capacity.

>> See the complete datasheet of Galaxy S22 Plus

Further, the price of the S22 Plus has dropped slightly since its launch, but it remains expensive as a premium smartphone: BRL 5,680.00.

What we play

For the game we tested, we have a total of 6 names: Asphalt 9, Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire MAX, Jenshin Impact, PUBG Mobile and Life After.


And since it’s all a big test environment, we’re going to pit the Galaxy S22 Ultra against the S22 Plus. The two have the same processor and the only difference is the memory, the size of the battery and maybe one or the other software optimization.

Finally, before we begin testing, we emphasize once again that, since the S22 Plus is a flagship device, all games played here Maximum graphic qualityBy activating all effects, right? Now, let’s get started.

Asphalt 9

As usual, we start everything here with Asphalt 9. The gameplay was very satisfying, there is not much to say here. The game went very well, there were no crashes and besides, it was beautiful. 58 average frames with 100% stability and 3: 35h battery life. The S22 Ultra captured 60 frames that did not fit the competitor, but with 98% stability, so it almost tied. Its autonomy was 2:40 hours long.

Seal Smooth wheel3 For both smartphones.

Call of Duty Mobile (BR)

COD sometimes gives some work to the devices we tested here, but not so in the case of the S22 Plus, see it. The gameplay was super fluid, with at most a few drops or two frames out of 2, but it didn’t affect the experience at all. The plus numbers are as follows: 100% stability, average 60 FPS with feedback. Its autonomy was somewhat less, I would say, with a duration of 2:45 hours. The S22 Ultra also excelled with the classic 60 frames 100% stability. But there was autonomy, which pushed back the period of more: 4:00 hours.

Once again, Seal Smooth wheel3 For both.

Free Fire MAX

Fogo Gratuíto is an example of a great running game, right? The performance of the S22 Plus was, as always, perfect, reaching 60 FPS at 100% stability, calibrated. His autonomy was 2:30 p.m., We have the lowest ever. The S22 Ultra almost reached the benchmark on Frifas, but unfortunately it achieved an average of 58 frames with 100% stability, which is not bad, of course. Its autonomy was high again, battery life reaches 4:00 hours.

Saying this, the two a Seal Smooth wheel3 At FOGARÉU.

Genshin effect

Genshin always brings some doubts to you which did not exist before about the functionality of the smartphone. The S22 Plus, for example, which was doing very well, put a brake on its performance. It’s good to play, but keep in mind that FPS doesn’t always increase to 60. It had an average of 52 frames, 99% stability and 2: 10h battery life, Very little, by the way. The S22 Ultra almost got there, getting 59 FPS at 100% stability, an amazing score. Its autonomy, however, was similar to that of the competitor: 2:10 p.m.

Seal Smooth wheel3 For both smartphones.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG was nothing special in our tests today. The S22 Plus reached the maximum performance cap in the game, typical Average 40 frames with 100% stability and only 3:10 hours battery life. With 100% stability and a 3: 50h battery life, the Ultra reaching an average of 40 frames was similar.

As always 3Wheel seal For both on PUBG Mobile.

After life

Life After is an interesting case, as it always pulls a little more from our Roda Liso smartphones. The S22 Plus received an average of 45 frames, but the stability was so low that it was sad: only 60%. Its autonomy was the lowest in the game, with only 1: 55h battery life. To your surprise, the S22 Ultra lost that last round. With 61% stability and 2:25 hours of battery life, it only averaged 42 frames.

This time it was different, Seal Smooth wheel3 For S22 Plus only.


We set the ambient temperature at 24 ° C and, after a few games of COD Mobile Battle Royale, the S22 Plus rose to 14 ° C on its surface, a high number which can be very uncomfortable on hot days.


The fact is that the S22 Plus is a hell of a smartphone. His performance was excellent in all sports and he did not have any major difficulty in running. My only complaint is that it has a battery life, which is much lower than the average you normally see here. Other devices like the POCO F3, for example, also have a capacity of 4500mAh, but they last longer during gaming.

O S22 Plus It’s nice and very fast, just make sure it doesn’t always hang out of the outlet, okay?

With this in mind, the Galaxy S22 Plus is honorably a Seal Smooth wheel3 In our exams.


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