Benfica Nun’Álvares faces 3 final play-offs

Benfica Nun’Álvares faces 3 final play-offs

Summary of the game

National Championship
Play-off over
(Game 3)
The final result
INT. 1-2
benfica 3
Nun Alvarez Two
Sarah Ferreira 6 ‘
Sarah Ferreira 28 ‘gp
Ines Fernandes 39 ‘
Angelica Alves 3 ‘bp
Pisco 17 ‘

In an electrifying environment, with the capacity sold in Pavilion n.º 2 da Luz, benfica Nun’Álvares beat Nun’Álvares 3-2 on Thursday, June 16, in Game 3 of the play-off finals of the National Women’s Futsal Championship. He was there until the last minute, but the Eagles advanced to Fafe (2-1). Unprecedented Pentacampeonato is now a victory away!

After the tie, Benfica won Game 1 in Luz and Nun Alvarez won Game 2 in Fafe. The two teams went to court in search of leadership In this final round. The Eagles showed a change in the opening five matches compared to the previous two: Angelica Alves fielded for Leninha; Fafe’s training has not changed. Surprisingly a close game was expected and the decision was made in detail. So it was!

Benfica-Nun'Álvares, Game 3 in the National Championship Play-Off Final

Balanced start, With the overwhelming support of Benficvistas, who were also present in large numbers at the stand, where President Rui Costa was also present, and the first moment of host Benfica. At 3 o’clock Sarah Ferreira Together with Angelica Alves, received the ball and kept the shot neat, but Maria Odette stopped the attack. In the same minute, From a corner kick by Pisco, Angelica Alves played the ball into Anna Katrina’s goal and put Noon Alvarez ahead (0-1)..

Awareness came after the threat! Sarah Ferreira, with a great personal movement and good work, re-established equality in Luz. 6-1 at 1-1 and want to play a lot …

Benfica-Nun'Álvares, Game 3 in the National Championship Play-Off Final

O Benfica dominated with more ball possession and more dangerous shots, I.e. at 9 ‘, by Dricas, and at 10’, by Leninha. Maria Odette scored in the second half. It was close! Nunn Alvarez, on the other hand, tried to respond, but failed in the last pass.

O The second goal of Fafe’s formation Born from a powerful shot at 17 PiscoSlightly distracted by one leg of Ines Fernandes. There was no difference of 1-2 till the break.

Here Avatar started charging in the second part, With two obvious instances. At the 21st minute, Ines Fernandes hit a wide shot of the goal; At 23 o’clock Leninha shot at the target. Even at this point, Benfica was temporarily inside Numerical inconvenience after Maria Pereira was shown another yellow card In the match (the first was at 14 ‘).

Taking advantage of the situation, Nun’alvares ran to attack Anna Katrina’s goal, but The Red Guard, with two decisive saves, maintained the result for BenficaDespite being unsatisfactory for eligibility.

Benfica-Nun'Álvares, Game 3 in the National Championship Play-Off Final

On the field again with five players, it didn’t take long to equalize (28 ‘)! Here Conversion of penaltiesKatia Morgado’s hand on the danger ball for Maria Odette, Sarah Ferreira converted and took a 2-2 lead. Everything was open and no team was scared.

Tireless, the Fans rushed to Benfica And that The team replied in courtBut the ball did not go inside. He was Controversial and tolerated until the last moment. The 12 seconds left… Nun Alvarez’s sixth foul, 10m free kick for Glorioso! Ines Fernandes had a universal opportunity at her right foot and she did not waste it. The red captain gave the team a 3-2 victory with a beautiful shot!

Taking advantage of the play-offs (2-1), Benfica travels to Pavilhão do Grupo Nun’Álvares in Fafe on Sunday, June 19, to play Game 4, scheduled for 16:00.

Benfica-Nun'Álvares, Game 3 in the National Championship Play-Off Final


Luis Estrella (Benfica coach): “It was a game between two very strong teams. The first half was very balanced. Both teams were waiting for the transition. We kept calm in the second half. Kelly, the support I feel at the club today is a paradox! Benfica is magical! “

Ines Fernandes (Benfica captain): “The first word goes to this fantastic atmosphere in our pavilion. I have never had such an atmosphere in futsal. We are opponents, but we are all moving towards the evolution of women’s futsal. The games are going very well. Balanced. . “

Sarah Ferreira (Benfica Forward): “I want to thank these fantastic spectators who have not disappointed us, thank the team, it’s a daily struggle, it’s a very difficult season … injuries, Kovid-19, expulsions and other things. We’re alive! It’s very tiring. “I am here, I tried to help the team. I am very happy. We are very close to the title. The teams are performing well. Congratulations to Futsal. We will try to make history in this club. There are uncertain games. We just need to win, now is the time to recover so that we can play at full strength on Sunday. “

Benfica-Nun'Álvares, Game 3 in the National Championship Play-Off Final

Benfica-nun Alvares
Pavilion No. 2 Da Luz
Benfica started five
Ana Katrina, Ines Fernandes, Maria Pereira, Sarah Ferreira and Angelica Alves
Marta Costa, Maria Ines Cabral, Thaila Mertins, Dricas, Katrina Lopez, Ines Matos, Leninha, Beatriz Carolla and Kale
Nun’Álvares starts at five
Maria Odette, Pisco, Anna Pierce, Katia Morgado and Carla Vanessa
Bruna Barros, Rita Maurao, Katia Tavares, Maria Costa, Liana, Isa and Ritinha
On break 1-2
The goal
Benfica: Sarah Ferreira (6 ‘and 28’ GP) and Ines Fernandes (39 ‘); Scores for Nun’alvares: Angelica Alves (3 ‘sc) and Pisco (17’)

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