Apple’s 2022 iPad will have exceptional updates and new designs

Apple’s 2022 iPad will have exceptional updates and new designs

David Fallon

David Fallon

Apple’s new iPad 2022

The upcoming iPad, the 10th generation model of tablet expected in late 2022, will have the biggest updates in its history, if a new report is needed.

According to a new claim from 9to5Mac, the next entry-level iPad version will be very different from its predecessors. And here are some expected changes.

No more electricity

With the iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro switching to USB-C, the current iPad is the only one with a Lightning Jack. This will be the first time the iPad has accepted this and now understands that the rest of the lineup has switched.

This means faster transfer speeds, not to mention more compatibility with more chargers and other perimeters.

This is the first design change, but the look of the iPad may have a more radical design.

A new view

The report claims that the 10th-gen iPad’s display will be upgraded to the 9to5Mac, “Retina display with the same screen resolution as the iPad Air.” Well that’s interesting. The original iPad had a 9.7-inch screen, and the 7th generation model, released in 2019, only resized. So change is possible this year.

The current iPad Air has a 10.9-inch screen. I have no idea what is coming for this new iPad. Apple is big at recycling and loves to reuse previous designs. So I think this tablet will have a 10.5-inch screen, similar to the third generation iPad Air.

What does this mean for design?

Good question. With the 10.5-inch screen appearing in the iPad Air design similar to the current iPad, Apple will accept it for the next entry-level model, swapping the Lightning for USB-C only.

But considering that the iPad now stands as the only model in the old design, my guess is that this year the iPad will switch to a new design that will mimic the other iPad models and the flat-edge style of the iPhone. .

What other evidence is there?

Well, the same report claims that the next iPad will have 5G connectivity, a significant upgrade. It is difficult to keep 5G in a hardware configuration for which it was not designed; So if the 5G rumor is true, the design, which is very close to other tablets in the range, which offers 5G options, seems more likely.

New processor

This is less surprising, since each update brings a new chip. The report states that the A13 Bionic, found on the 9th generation iPad and iPhone 11, will be upgraded to the A14 Bionic, which first appeared in the iPhone 12 series.

Publication date?

The report states that Apple Paul is usually released for the iPad fall, just like the new iPhone. I agree with him and it looks like the next iPad Pro could be released at the same time. Cadence is 18 months old for the iPad Pro release, and the current model was released in May 2021, so that will be the time when the next Pro is expected. It may also include a new Apple M2 processor.

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