Apple unveils iOS 16 with new iPhone screen, iMessage, Health, Carplay and more changes

Apple unveils iOS 16 with new iPhone screen, iMessage, Health, Carplay and more changes

The iPhone owner announced a series of news. Here’s what.

Apple launched its annual programming conference by unveiling the next generation of mobile software, iOS 16, which brings new features that will allow users to customize their iPhone’s lock screen, change the way they send messages to friends via iMessage, and learn more about what your smartphones look like. Study. Interact with the car.

These and other updates, unveiled at the World Developers Conference on Monday, show how Apple is moving forward to ensure that its devices – especially the iPhone – remain at the center of our daily lives and the many products we interact with. But while these updates are likely to be appealing to many Apple device users, the event was also marked by something that has not been announced: a new product.

In recent years, some industry observers have hoped that Apple could make its first appearance on a platform called RealityOS. According to rumors, the system could power the mixed reality headset – a device capable of both VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) – which Apple has been rumored to be working on for years.

Instead, the focus was on a series of product updates, if not functional, sexy: more multitasking functionality in Mac software, the introduction of Apple’s Weather app on the iPad, and the unveiling of the company’s next-generation M2 chip.

“While some are disappointed with the lack of radical new hardware in areas like AR, Apple’s investment will play a key role in future product categories, such as head-mounted devices, where power and performance must be closely matched. Balanced,” said Ben Wood, head of market research firm CCS Insight. Analysts said.

Here’s a look at some of Apple’s most important product updates. Updates are expected to be available to users in the fall.

Re-launching iMessage, lock screen and notifications

Apple is breathing new life into some iOS devices that haven’t been updated in years.

Probably the fastest changes are coming to iMessage, which include editing or canceling messages and marking messages as unread. The company says that these options are among the most requested features by users.

New iOS 16 lock screen

IPhone users will be able to add widgets to the lock screen to get information at a glance, such as keeping track of upcoming calendar events and weather and “live” activities, including the progress of Uber rides or game updates. Sporty. And the software will provide more personalized wallpapers and the ability to change options throughout the day for your lock screen.

Extended CarPlay option

Apple’s updates extend to a wide range of products and services, from payments and passwords to cars.

The latest version of CarPlay will be packed with custom widgets controlled by the iPhone and will be able to scroll through every screen in the car, from the center screen to the dashboard behind the steering wheel. Like other Apple updates released Monday, there will be more widget support and more customization options with multiple designs.

New payment and health features

Apple said iOS users in the US will be able to roll out payments on Apple Pay for up to eight weeks, similar to the “buy now, pay later” service for customers using the growing payment method.

The company is also focusing on health features. The Apple Watch will soon support new personal training features, including heart rate zones and runner progress data. In addition, improved sleep tracking will monitor when the user enters and exits light sleep and deep sleep. The new drug application will allow users to track, manage and understand the drugs that people are taking, and will tell users when to take them.

Apple has also unveiled a device called Passkeys, which aims to change passwords using Touch ID or Face ID to authenticate to apps and devices.

New MacBooks and M2 chip

While the program focused on software, Apple announced some hardware.

Apple introduced the thin, lightweight and fast MacBook Air built around its new internal M2 processor. The 13.6-inch MacBook Air is 25% brighter than before, supports MagSafe charging, and features an improved front camera with double the resolution of previous models. With an 8-core CPU, Apple claims that the M2 chip promises 18% more performance than its M1 chip.

New MacBook Air

The processor also comes with a 10-core GPU – twice that of the M1 – along with 25% better graphics performance. The M2 also comes with the new 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple has also unveiled its latest Mac software called OS Ventura, which offers a handful of multitasking features, such as the ability to share Safari tabs with friends and family, pass facetime calls to other devices and use the iPhone as a webcam. , Using a new product called Continuity Camera.


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