Apex Legends Mobile gets “Cold Wave” update and Loba character

Apex Legends Mobile gets “Cold Wave” update and Loba character

EA and Respawn have just announced the release of the Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 “Cold Wave” update.

In addition to bringing many important updates like the new Battle Pass unlockable, this Season 1 update marks the addition of the unique thief Translocadora, Loba, one of the most popular giants in the PC and console versions.

Check out the trailer for the “Cold Wave” update and the Loba characters below

In addition to introducing the popular loba in Legends Pool, the Apex Legends Mobile Coldsnap update will also introduce the freezing cold weather in the city. Located just above the train yard at World’s Edge, the Hammond-built lander has the ability to change the climate at a specific POI, allowing early winter to arrive at the Apex Games (with new freezing grenades for use).

Playback: Apex Legends Mobile

Weather controls turn on and off during a snow-covered match on the edge of the world, and offer players some really snowy prizes. While the air conditioner is on, players can check their minimap for a frozen booty box to collect diamonds and buy rare items in the seasonal shop.

In addition, players can also get diamonds by beating rivals in matches.

Playback: Apex Legends Mobile

Players can enter the lobby at Battle Pass Level 25 or unlock it in the store anytime from this Thursday. And remember, in Apex Legends Mobile, Legends Progress Loba will bring new benefits to players, including the ability to get player banners and female players. The Coldsnap update will also include a fully stocked, all-new Battle Pass. This new Battle Pass comes in two flavors, Premium and Premium Plus, with many exciting bonuses:


  • 1x Eternal Legend Skin (Octane – Ice Climber)

  • 2x Legendary Skin of Legends (Bangalore – Winter Gilly, Bloodhound – Snow Prints)

  • 2x Legendary Weapon Skin (EVA-8 Auto Shotgun, Devotional LMG)

  • Various Item Prizes (Banners, Emotes, Syndicate Packs etc.)

  • 800 Syndicate Gold

Premium plus:

  • All premium pass content

  • Happy rules dance

  • Battle pass unique frame

  • All premium battle pass stuff

  • 80% BP experience bonus

  • 500000 BP experience (level 10 BP)

  • Limited Legendary Circle

Coldsnap is the first of many updates planned for Apex Legends Mobile, with new legends, maps, modes and more constantly being added to the game.

In addition to Loba’s mobile debut and the new Winter POI, Coldsnap will also come with several other game updates, including a new limited-time game mode called Armed and Dangerous: Shotgun and Sniper Only, and several bug fixes and improvements, the recently released patches found here. All the details are given very clearly in the notes.

In less than a month after its launch, Apex Legends Mobile has reached an impressive number of 23 million players worldwide.

You can download Apex Legends Mobile on iOS and Android.

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