After Valorant, Overwatch 2 will also have a map inspired by Portugal – Multimédia

After Valorant, Overwatch 2 will also have a map inspired by Portugal – Multimédia

Scheduled for October 4, Overwatch 2 will be a free-to-play game. The blizzard revealed that the d The game now serves as a service, supported by the sale of season passes and cosmetic items. Players interested in following the narrative element, solo, they will be able to purchase independently, scheduled for 2023.

Blizzard’s new strategy serves as a response to fans who see this sequel as a further extension of the first game, which was given a regular price, and not a completely new experience. Blizzard in that sense With the scheduled season, he is committed to presenting the content frequently, so that there is always something new for his fans to play..

See a map dedicated to Portugal in Overwatch 2 in the gallery:

An interesting point about his presentation is that, just like the Valerant who released the Portugal-inspired Pearl Map yesterday, Blizzard has also surprised Portuguese fans: Overwatch 2 will have a map of Portugal. The blizzard even points out that the map is special because its main environmental artist is Portuguese..

The publisher says that a lot of research has been done and Portuguese players will recognize these factors: Tiles, Portuguese guitars, trams, as well as statues and monuments, s. Walls that could refer to George’s castle. And the national flag is not missing, so there are no mistakes. And even the Portuguese stone sidewalks were painted.

Blizzard says it will be part of the map Push mode, one of the new game formats for Overwatch 2. This mode puts both teams on the map and pushes the object to one side and to the other, The team that travels the longest wins. The editor explained that the game will have a cross-platform progress mode, which means you can keep your profile and everything you unlocked on different consoles and PCs.

O The situation in Portugal will also include maps of Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, Monte Carlo, New York and Rome, with a total of six for the start of the first season.. At the launch of the game, players will have access to three new heroes, including the already announced Junker Queen.

One aspect to highlight in this sequel is that the game will not use the Loot Box system, i.e., boxes with random items that are rewarded to players whenever they raise the level of the characters. They can also be purchased with real money. There will be a blizzard Introduce Battle Pass each new season, which will last about nine weeks. For sale directly, in addition to the legendary skins, the game also includes mythical skins, which are considered rare.

The Season 2 is scheduled for December 6th, featuring new tank-class heroes, maps, 30 skins, and more content related to the new Battle Pass.. This type of content will continue to appear in games with PVE description mode in 2023.

It should be noted that Overwatch maintains an interesting active player base, With 7.2 million active users last month, According to the data of the active player. The latest Diablo Immortal game has not been released in some countries due to the ban on “game of luck” strategies, along with the loot box mechanics in your next game.

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