After all, this new version of Apple’s system has a lot of Android

After all, this new version of Apple’s system has a lot of Android

Apple’s focus is on iOS 16, and this was made clear in its presentation last Monday. Immediately betting on his novelties, it became clear that there was a lot to show and attention to users.

Interestingly, this news is only available in the Apple ecosystem. Compared to Android, these are functions that have been around for many years. Here’s how iOS 16 got inspired by Android.

After all, this new version of Apple’s system has a lot of Android

As always, comparisons and differences are quickly discovered when a new iOS or Android is released. You can quickly find places and features that look different and that are presented as innovations and, ultimately, just copy or adaptation.

# 1 - Personal lock screen with widgets

One of the first new features of iOS 16 is its lock screen and the possibility to put widgets there. Apple says there is something completely new in its system and the way it is used should be changed.

iOS 16 Android Apple Functions

This is also the first point where we know that the copy was made on Android. This has been possible for many years on the Google system, with many more possibilities now being offered for the iPhone system.

# 2 - Smart dictation and fully handled on the device

Another innovation, now related to usability and security, is the possibility of writing long text, in which punctuation is properly applied, giving users freedom. Privacy is guaranteed here The text will not leave the iPhone.

iOS 16 Android Apple Functions

This is again an area where Google has been saying for years. The basic Android keyboard already offers a lot in this area, the user can easily say what he wants and this text is applied without any internet connection.

# 3 - Photo Library shared with users

The commitment to sharing was strengthened in iOS 16. The brand wants to create an ecosystem where users can exchange information and so has created a photo library sharing. It's not straightforward and gives the user a lot of control.

iOS 16 Android Apple Functions

Those who use Android and Google services are well aware of this long-standing capability. As Apple now announces, users can choose with whom, how and under what circumstances. Again, this is nothing new.

# 4 - Various points on the map service route

Finally, we have one of the new features that iPhone users love the most. With iOS 16, users can now set up multiple pointpoints in Apple Maps. Just add these points and the hints will appear naturally.

iOS 16 Android Apple Functions

Here, with many years of accumulated experience in this field, Google is once again in the spotlight. This possibility has been around for a long time and can be used. It first appeared in browsers and then was extended to apps for Android and iOS.

Once again, the motivation for many new iOS features comes from the competition and what it has to offer. Of course, Android does that too, but not in terms of functionality, but in terms of ideas and new proposals within the system itself.

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