Adrenaline reaches 1 million subscribers on YouTube

Adrenaline reaches 1 million subscribers on YouTube

This issue was reached today (07) noon and there was a live celebration

Today is a very special day in the history of AdrenalineOur channel is running YouTube Crossed 1 million members, Mark arrived today (07) between noon, 5 pm (Brasilia time). Significant feats were celebrated by broadcasting live on the channel in the presence of Fabio Feh, Founding Partners Of Adrenaline And presenters Diego Kerber And Casiano Presoto.

See below how the millionaire lived to celebrate Adrenaline.

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It was necessary to earn your first million Hard work and dedication of the team for almost 12 yearsThe first video of the channel was released on August 13, 2010, which was presented by Unboxing. Fabio Feh From the video card ASUS ARESCheck out the moment that history started Adrenaline channel Here YouTube.

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This is by far the most viewed video Diego Kerber Introducing Terrible recommendations that you should not follow on your PCWhich has a trademark at the time of publication 1,846,060 viewsWatch the video below for the most viewed video on the channel.

As i said Uncle Ben, “With great powers come great responsibilities”, And the channel has been around for almost 12 years Adrenaline Distributing content about hardware responsibly, providing many memorable moments, was innumerable VideocastMany videos showing the elements for assembling a computer, with well-explained tutorials for beginners and enthusiasts, always try to use a more relaxed and inviting tone for viewers.

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The combination of hardware and video games has always been the main theme of the channel, combining information and entertainment, connecting people of different backgrounds who are interested in the wonderful world of technology.

From us Adrenaline We appreciate the dedication, attention and dedication of each of you who have contributed to the brand of 1 million members On our channel YouTube Achieved, we will always strive to provide the best content for all of you, who are honored with over 1 million fans trusting Adrenaline.

Be part of the festivities and comment on what the video was about Adrenaline The most shocking for you.

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