A deadly disease that has infected more than 56 million women worldwide

A deadly disease that has infected more than 56 million women worldwide

Snail fever: a deadly disease that has infected more than 56 million women worldwide

The World Health Organization has warned of an outbreak of this parasitic pathology in Africa with no particular signs.

The disease is endemic in Africa.

Snail fever has alerted the African continent. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about 56 million women and ladies have been affected. The disease is attributable to a parasite that settles within the feminine reproductive system and could be deadly.

Technologically often known as schistosomiasis of the feminine genitalia (FGS), this pathology is attributable to a larva that the snail releases whereas in freshwater, settles within the physique and produces eggs that assault the feminine, colon, uterus and fallopian tubes. Gustavo Tato Borges, performing president of the National Association of Public Health Physicians (ANMSP), explains to NIT: “It is a disease that impacts most women, affecting their capability to conceive and, In excessive instances, elevated threat of cervical and bladder most cancers and HIV an infection may even result in loss of life.

According to the British newspaper “Telegraph”, an invisible enemy attacked the waters of the Kafu River in Zambia, South Africa. After the parasites launch the snails, they start looking for a number the place they will settle. When they discover human pores and skin, they enter the bloodstream, the place they journey till they can lay eggs within the cervix, finally blocking the fallopian tubes.

“One of the issues with this disease is that it has no particular signs.” Public well being refers to medical doctors. “There are some instances the place the analysis takes a few years, throughout which individuals go to the healthcare facility with swelling, fever and blood in numerous components of the physique.”

Although more frequent in women, snail fever impacts males as properly, leading to roughly 280,000 deaths worldwide every year.

Kasika Makwakti, a nurse in Maramba, Zambia, who suffers from snail fever, admits that the group she works with has by no means heard of the disease earlier than 2020, so well being professionals are beginning to do it now. Tests Try to detect the an infection as quickly as attainable. “(*56*) month, we examined 48 women and one already had cervical most cancers,” she informed a British newspaper.

There are therapies and cures for the disease

It is feasible to deal with and forestall snail fever. In some areas of Zambia, the place the disease has unfold quickly, adolescents obtain annual preventive remedy. Following WHO suggestions, they’re given praziquantel, an energetic substance used to deal with worm and parasitic infections.

Children are a really weak spectator to this pathology. “The truth that there’s a preventive program for school-age youngsters exhibits that the scenario just isn’t good,” Precious Cabula, WHO technical chief in Zambia, was quoted as saying by The Telegraph.

Poor availability of consuming water has been cited as one of many causes of this native disease. Due to shortage, folks search consuming water from rivers, which will increase the chance of ailments like snail fever or cholera.

Gustavo Tato Borges explains it to NIT It is feasible to eradicate the disease: The methodology “controls water high quality, ensures that water for residence use is processed, and controls snail pests and chemoprophylaxis in school-age youngsters,” he says. This technique may contribute to the eradication of this pathology, as has occurred in nations like Japan or Tunisia. “In Portugal, this situation has thankfully not been discovered, particularly as a result of prime quality and availability of managed consuming water”, consultants say.

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