A BOLA – Directivo Ultras XXI Reveals Meeting Directed by Frederico Varandas (Sporting)

In a statement, Directive Ultras XXI, a supporter of Sporting, revealed a meeting with those responsible for Leo. It is recalled that the leadership, led by Frederico Varandas, had clashed with organized fan groups, but now they are promoting reciprocity.

In a note issued this Saturday, Director Ultras XXI clarified that the meeting took place on May 31 at the Estadio de Alvalade and was attended by members of the cheerleading squad and supporter liaison officers representing the club. At that meeting, the possibility of placing a group of all organized supporters in the area below the fan card, in the lower south stand, was discussed.

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Associação DIRECTIVO ULTRAS XXI, hereby tells its colleagues and the general public the following:

1) According to public information, the organization has from the outset taken a stand against the legal system of “Adapts Card” and against the measures taken for its creation and implementation in Portugal, in particular, the creation of sports venues called “Zones”. Adoption of access and permanence with special conditions “(ZCEAPs), which are nothing more than a zone of segregation and discrimination, where cataloging and discriminating in complete violation of fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic. Against supporters, who are also citizens,
Depending on how they want to legally support the teams representing the club of their choice;

2) Still in the midst of public debate, and the Republican Assembly’s Committee on Culture, Communications, Youth and Sports is responding to a challenge initiated by their official letter No. 10 / 12.a-CCCJD /. On January 07, 2019, the Association submitted its views on the content of Government Act No. 153 / XIII, which seeks to amend the wording of the Act, which fights violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sports. Among other measures, the legal mechanism for “fan cards”;

3) In the above opinion, the organization expressed its concerns, ideas and beliefs regarding the proposed legislative measures consisting of organized groups of supporters and presented concrete proposals in a detailed and rational manner, which were largely ignored. , Which was intended. Protecting, recognizing and guaranteeing the most basic civil and human rights of supporters as citizens, that is, in matters relating to the performance of the security forces, the conditions of entry and stay in sports venues and the authorized and safe use of pyrotechnic equipment;

4) For general knowledge, and despite the fact that its content is already subject to public consultation with the Assembly of the Republic from 2019, we are sending a copy of the above opinion, re-attached to this conversation, which we invite all, without exception, to read and comment;

5) As a group, we have internally disseminated and promoted the public petition launched online by the Portuguese Association for the Defense of Adopts (APDA), which can be consulted at https://peticaopublica.com/mobile/pview.aspx . ? pi = PT109466, intended to return the discussion of this issue to the Assembly of the Republic and thus enable the repeal of legal measures to create “sacred cards” and “zones with special conditions”.
Access and Permanence of Adapts “;

6) After the relative success, and the general boycott of ZCEAPs by almost all the organized groups of supporters at the national level and the experience of various protest initiatives, we all managed to get back to the political parties with parliamentary seats, in short. The subject of the House of Portuguese Democracy, for its proper re-analysis and reconsideration;

7) In the process of parliamentary discussion on this issue, in many advances, hurdles and vetos, Act no.

8) However, due to various forms of political pressure, the abolition of the legal system of “Adapts Card” is only a small part of the measures that were required and not to repeal the law altogether. ZCEAPs and the rules of mandatory access and permanence between them by members of organized groups of supporters who fully and exclusively support their club without illegal and unequal restrictions;

9) Due to what happened, and against the backdrop of the legislative change that took place, the Association discussed and debated its position on the issue, unanimously decided to maintain its position on par with the role it had taken and assumed. By almost all organizations and groups of organized supporters existing in Portugal;

10) It so happens that, following a series of recent disagreements, the association received a formal invitation on May 28 from Sporting Club de Portugal and Sporting Club de Portugal – Football, SAD. A face-to-face meeting between the parties for the 2022/2023 sports season aimed at paying attention to the termination terms of the new protocol;

11) Proposal to fulfill the above invitation and subsequent protocol, according to this organization, Sporting Club de Portugal and Sporting Club de Portugal – football, SAD, important recognition of support, which is welcome. This association is provided by all the teams who wear our jerseys in any form and the exemplary behavior that has guided the performance of our associates in providing this support, which is usually recognized by our players, coaches and other technical staff;

12) The Association, in good faith, agrees to attend the aforesaid face-to-face meeting on May 31 at 11:00 AM at Estádio José Alvalade, represented at its highest organizational level. Presidents of the Board and Presidents of the General Assembly, and the levels to be taken by the Sporting Club de Portugal and Sporting Club de Portugal – football, the liaison officer representing the SAD;

13) In the above mentioned meeting, in a spirit of cordial and mutual cooperation, which should be appreciated, the terms defined by Sporting Club de Portugal and Sporting Club de Portugal – Football, SAD were presented for the conclusion of this Association. The above protocol;

14) As a result of the legislation of these terms, the association was obliged to change its position on the Jose Alvalade Stadium bench, to begin positioning itself in the ZCEAP, which currently exists on the South A bench, with other groups of fan associations. ;

15) In view of this fact, an extraordinary general meeting of the Association was immediately convened, held yesterday, and specifically for the purpose of analyzing, discussing and voting on the proposal to sign the protocol submitted by Sporting Club de Portugal and the Board of Sporting Club. Administration of the Club de Portugal – Football, SAD, will apply during the 2022/2023 sports season;

16) At the aforesaid Extraordinary General Meeting, the essential points contained in the proposed protocol were disclosed and debated, with the Association paying special attention to the aforesaid to change its position on the Jose Alwaleed Stadium bench. ZCEAP above;

17) It was a difficult decision of this association, but the decision taken by the above extraordinary General Assembly by a large majority, to adhere to its principles, its mentality and its consistency and to oppose the creation, to respect the previously assumed position, maintenance and presence of ZCEAP, and naturally, Board of Sporting Club de Portugal and Sporting Club de Portugal administration – refusal to sign protocol proposed by Futebol, SAD;

18) This decision of the Association does not seem to have already been formally thanked by Sporting Club de Portugal and Sporting Club de Portugal – Football, SAD, and those for whom we are publicly grateful for the important step towards normalization of organizational relations with this Association. , It is clear that, any kind of refusal to communicate, negotiate or maintain relations with the above bodies and the concerned administrative bodies;

19) The Association has always kept its doors open for the establishment of the foundations of understanding and communication required for a healthy organizational relationship, with the main objective of increasing support and enhancing Sporting Club de Portugal;

20) The organization has never wanted or wanted to support teams and players representing Sporting Club de Portugal and has never asked for, or asked for, any financial or logistical support;

21) Similarly, the Association has never acted or acted to the detriment of the interests of Sporting Club de Portugal, ie financially, in the past, has always complied with its financial obligations, i.e., has imposed heavy fines. Pay. Original;

22) On the contrary, the organization seeks respect and necessary freedom within a legally imposed limit and with a sense of responsibility, to provide this support and thus, to fulfill the primary purpose of its creation and existence.

23) The organization will always be available for dialogue and cooperation based on the premise of mutual respect, assuring that there is no law that prohibits, restricts or punishes the establishment of institutional relations and mutual cooperation under the penalty of apparent unconstitutionality. In private legal entities, within the scope of their legal autonomy and outside the protocol mechanism provided in Act No. 39/2009 of 30 July;

24) It is the respect, the will and the patience to establish and strengthen the aforementioned organizational ties and, as this organization believes, the desired and well-known internal team will move closer and closer to a reality and form the basis of the Portuguese sporting club. Strengthen and prepare for the struggles and challenges accustomed to the Portuguese game;

25) With or without this union, as we wish, we will, in our own way, independently and consistently, faithful to our principles, respecting our history and be sure of our way and our purpose: unconditional support to the Sporting Club from Portugal;

26) Our motto is our words: Continuity, honor and loyalty, this is our mentality! ”


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