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The new Galaxy A-line smartphone, the A33 5G *, offers Galaxy innovation so that more users can enjoy stylish design, immersive experience on large, bright, high-refresh-rate displays and battery life up to two days. Duration1. These features make the model the perfect companion for customers who want a full experience, as you can see below.

Large, bright and fluid screen

The Galaxy A33 5G has a 6.4-inch displayTwo Super AMOLED with FHD + resolution, ideal for enjoying series or movies in comfort.

The screen also has an incredible Galaxy innovation: 90 Hz refresh rate3. This higher refresh rate results in a more intense, break-free look with smoother and more fluid motion, perfect for action-packed games.

Four cameras are better than one

The device has a set of four high-quality rear cameras. They allow you to record photos and videos with a variety of lenses: a main 48 MP, an ultra-wide4Macro lens5 And an in-depth.

The main lens is capable of recording high-resolution, plenty of detailed photos even when zoomed. Ultra-wide, creating a wide image at a human eye-like angle (123º), ideal for recording landscapes or recording the entire atmosphere.

The A33 5G’s macro sensor captures close-up details in rich detail. Ideal for capturing the details of a flower, animal, object, etc. in great detail. And finally, the depth lens, which focuses on the photographed subject and obscures the background of the image, creates a professional and elegant look.

In addition, video recording also benefits from OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) sensors and advanced VDIS (Video Digital Image Stabilization) technology, which stabilizes the image and reduces intermittent vibrations to ensure a always clear, uniform image.6.

Performance and efficiency

The Galaxy A33 5G is powerful, with a brand new 5 nanometer processor and 6 GB of RAM, a package that provides customers with functionality and functionality. This, in addition to a two-day battery and support for super-fast charging of 25 W.7The A33 5G makes an incredible choice for anyone looking for a powerful smartphone with innovative features.

For more information visit the Galaxy A33 5G page on the Samsung website.

* Enabled for 5G network. The actual speed may vary depending on the country, carrier and user environment. Contact your carrier for more details.
1 Approximate versus average / average user usage profile. Strategy Analytics 2022-01-20 to 31/01/2022 evaluated independently in default configuration (network 5G mmWave not tested) using LTE and 5G Sub6 networks with pre-release versions of SM-A536 and SM-A336 in the UK. Changes the actual battery life based on the network environment, features and frequency of apps used, calls and messages, how often it is charged, and many other factors.
Measuring 2 diagonals, the screen size is 6.4 ″ full rectangle and 6.2 rounded corner. The actual viewing area is small due to the rounded corners and camera crop.
3 The refresh rate of the display is adjusted based on the content you are viewing.
4 Ultra wide camera captures 4.3 times more in terms of capture area. When the ultra-wide lens improves, the resulting visual field may be smaller. The results may vary depending on the shooting conditions with multiple objects, lack of focus or moving objects.
5 The macro camera tool is only supported by the rear camera.
6 Results may vary depending on the shooting conditions and whether more than one object is out of focus or moving around. Check selfie angle adjustment with Ultra Wild camera. It does not support the zoom function. Image stabilization performance may vary depending on lighting conditions. Only available after taking photos in full HD with Ultra Wild camera.
7 25W wall charger sold separately; Use only Samsung-approved chargers and cables. To prevent injury or damage to your device, do not use incompatible, worn or damaged batteries, chargers or cables. Enables super fast charging up to 25W. For more information about your device, visit www.samsung.com.

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